Why We All Should Learn to Love Ourselves More and Get A Really Strong Self-Love

Many people don’t want to hear about increasing their self-love. Why, in your opinion? Because they confuse self-love, narcissism, selfishness and self-esteem. However, all these concepts are very different!

The selfish person only sees her own interest in each situation coming . He/she shows little empathy for others.

The narcissistic person always places herself at the center of everything. She falls in love with her reflection in the mirror and manipulates anyone who doesn’t find her that extraordinary.

The person endowed with excessive self-esteem becomes angry as soon as she is hurt or as soon as she is put in her own place, when her value is underestimated or when she is reminded of her mistakes. She then drapes herself in her self-esteem. Certainly we must have a minimum of self-esteem because it is a powerful tool that tells us when to enter a game, a situation, and when to withdraw.

To have a solid self-love is quite another thing: it is to have the certainty of being enough, of possessing enough quality and of being in the right place. No matter what others think of them, good or bad, the person with strong and solid self-love is self-sufficient! She knows that the opinion of others is just an opinion and it is herself that she seeks to impress, not others! In general, she does not care about the opinion of others and leads her dream life without expecting the blessing of those around her.

Three truths govern this need to love ourselves better, to love ourselves more and exactly as we are:

– Ease: it’s much easier to love what we are than to hate what God has given us! Loving what we are is a simplifying process. It will save you time and money. If I know how to love myself, adore myself as I am, no need for tons of make-up, fashionable clothes, no need for diets or a coach! Self-Love is an inner gift. You can’t feed it with solutions coming from the outside.

– Respect from others: the way you love yourself is the way you teach others to simply respect you!

– The mission of life: by having your own tastes, hobbies, facilities and gifts, by refusing to imitate others and by loving what you are, you participate in the smooth running of the universe because your gifts are unique and special !

It’s not about loving everyone or saying “I’m the most beautiful” but about honoring what Mother Earth has given us every day, by loving her and taking care of her creation: unique ! Irreplaceable!

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