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The Best 4 Christmas Values to Teach our Kids

Christmas has become a very commercial time. Many children, apart from those educated in the Christian faith, have forgotten, or are unaware of the true meaning of this moment. On Christmas day, a savior was born to us! He brings with him, through his earthly incarnation, strong values of love, faith, solidarity, sharing, courage and simplicity… Jesus does not come to cancel the dogma, he comes to perfect it. He is not in opposition and does not wish to divide the people. He’s in a position of solidarity that creates improvement.

Jesus condemns the business side of the temple money changers. He wishes that the worship dedicated to God can be carried out with simplicity and humility. He does not want money to interfere with the spiritual quest of his people.

It is by remembering the youth of Jesus and the strong values he advocates that I decided to pass on some important values to my children at Christmas time.

Children should be aware that sharing their Christmas with family and loved ones is above all a privilege. There will come a day when they will be adults and when their parents will no longer be there during these end-of-year celebrations.

Let’s be aware that every Christmas is different but also that Christmas is a time when miracles happen!

The Best 4 Christmas Values to Teach our Kids

Teach your children the meaning of unconditional love!

In life, we can be impressed by the physique or the influence of others. We may then think that we like them. This is not a deep and authentic love since it is guided to us by external aspects. Explain to your children what unconditional love is. Unconditional love is an evidence. Sometimes we don’t feel it properly yet it exists! The purpose of all human life is to know and recognize unconditional love where it resides.

Explain and demonstrate what sharing is!

Sharing is a strong value. While we live in our bubble a situation of happiness, love and sharing, other people, alas, experience unhappiness, lovelessness and the yoke of selfish people. For sharing to be understood, it must be experienced. So you have to show children how to share. A good way to do this is to go to the streets of your town and offer food and a small banknote to people in need. Your child will understand that we also derive happiness from giving. Of course, receiving is a pleasure, but giving is also gratifying.

Explain to your children that moral support is sometimes more important than material help

Giving is a good thing. But feeling helped and supported in times when we are going adrift (moving, death, breakup, job loss…) is the salt of life
Tell your children about your own experience! DRemember all the times a word of support changed your perspective and your vision of the situation!

Explain to your children that the way they love themselves (self love) is the way they teach others to appreciate them.

If it is essential to love others and to be empathetic to get good vibes, it is equally important to see yourself as a person of value and worthy of interest!
Someone who does not know how to love what he is will never be happy in love. The opinion of others is a prison. Self-love is lifesaving. The more we love ourselves, without becoming narcissistic of course, the better we are able to see opportunities and the more others appreciate us. Being appreciated, however, should not guide our whole life! It is the faith that we put in ourselves, this way of believing that we are and that we will always be protected, that will get us out of all bad situations.

I wish you a merry chrismas. Blessings.

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