120 Most Badass Last Names Or Surnames, With Meanings

Badass names, as indicated by their title, aren’t evil but radiate power, resilience, and courage. They inculcate determination and a sense to achieve one’s goal, hence they are appealing in their own way.

Who says being a badass isn’t a good thing? This is why we bring you a list of badass last names or surnames with meanings. These names are derived from powerful families or inspired by occupations that have been shaped with strength and perseverance.

List Of Badass Last Names Or Surnames

1. Abawi

The surname Abawi is of Arabic origin and means “brave.”

2. Abbott

Derived from the Old French word abet, this name means “priest.” The name also has its origins in Greek and late Latin as the word abbas means “father.”

3. Abe

Abe is a name of Ainu language origin (Japanese) and means “sun festival.”

4. Abner

Although a personal name, Abner is common as a surname too. It is of Hebrew origin and means “God is my light.”

5. Adamos

With origins in Greek and Hebrew, Adamos means “son of Adams.” It also means “son of the red earth.”

6. Aetos

Aetos originates from Greek and means “eagle of Zeus.” An eagle symbolizes victory, immortality, and strength as a “king of the skies.”

7. Aldine

The name Aldine is inspired by a powerful family who held the estate of Holden in the Parish of Haslingden. It is of Anglo-Saxon origin.

8. Alexander

The name means “defender of the men.”

9. Alexeyev

Alexeyev is a common Russian last name. It is derived from the masculine personal name “Alexey,” which means “Alex’s.” The name Alex means “defender.”

10. Alexus

With origins in Old Greek, this last name means “defender of men.”

11. Alton

The name Alton is of Anglo-Saxon origin. It means “settlement by the river” and has been derived from the villages of Hampshire, Dorset, and Wiltshire.

12. Alvarez

It is a patronymic surname of Spanish origin and means “son of Alvaro.” It also means “son of a warrior” in Old German.

13. Andino

The name has Italian origins and means “brave.” It is a habitational last name originating from a place called Andino in Castile.

14. Angelopoulos

Meaning “son of an angel,” the name is a form of the first name Evangelos, which means “bringer of the good news.”

15. Antonov

Antonov refers to the “son of Anton” and is a patronymic surname. Anton means “highly praiseworthy” with origins in Greek and Roman.

16. Arden

The name Arden finds its derivation in Celtic and it means “high.” It is a habitational name for someone from Arden in Warwickshire or Arden in North Yorkshire.

17. Argento

Argento is a surname of Italian origin and means “silver.” The name is said to have originated as a way of representing a person with silver hair.

18. Argyros

The last name Argyros of Greek origin is patronymic. Derived from the adjective Argyros, this surname means “silvery.” The name connotes strength.

19. Archer

Archer is an English surname derived from the Old French word archer, which refers to a “bowman.”

20. Armstrong

The last name refers to someone with powerful arms. It has Middle English and Scottish origins.

21. Arya

The name is of Indian origin and means “honorable man.”

22. Aslanov

Aslanov means “son of Aslan” and is a patronymic surname. The first name Aslan means “lion” and is of Turkish origin.

23. Athena

Athena is the last name of Greek origin based on the city of Athens. This city of Athens is named after the Goddess Athena, goddess of wisdom.

24. Bailey

The surname Bailey has French, Latin, and English origins. The name originates from the word bailiff, which means “steward.”

25. Balabanov

Of Russian and Bulgarian origin, the name Balabanov means “big man.” It is a derivation of the Turkish Balaban that means “robust.”

26. Bancroft

The name Bancroft is of Old English origin and means “the enclosure of the slope.”

27. Baros

Derived from the Latin word “barus,” the name means “brave person.”

28. Beckett

Beckett is an Old English name that also has origins in Ireland. The name has many possible meanings, the most common is “bee-cottage.” It is also said to have derived from the places Beckett in Berkshire or Beckett in Devonshire.

29. Bensen

Bensen is derived from the Latin word Benedictus, which means “blessed.” The name Bensen is patronymic.

30. Bolton

The name Bolton is of Old English origin means “district characterized by bends.” The name gained its reputation due to the Bolton family, powerful figures in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

31. Borisyuk

The name Borisyuk is of Russian origin and means “wolf” or “snow leopard.”

32. Bortsov

Bortsov is a Russian-origin habitational last name that means “wrestler.”

33. Bragg

The surname is derived from the Old English word bragge, which means “a lively person.”

34. Briggs

Briggs is an Old English habitational name referring to “someone living near a bridge.”

35. Bryant

The name has American, English, and French origins. The American and English origins state its meaning as “hill.” In French, it may have been derived from the place Brionne in Northern France.

36. Bugrov

The name Bugrov is of Russian origin derived from a place called Bugor. This habitational name means “hill.”

37. Bushida

Bushida is a popular Japanese last name connoting strength and agility as it means “a Samurai.”

38. Bychkov

The last name Bychkov was common among powerful families. The Russian origin’s last name also speaks of power as it represents “a bull.”

39. Cirillo

The name Cirillo is inspired by a habitational place located in South Central Italy. It also has origins in the Greek name Circe.

40. Chisaka

The notable surname Chisaka is of Japanese origin. It means “a thousand hills.”

41. Collins

Collins is a patronymic surname derived from the name Colin, the diminutive form of Nicholas. It means “to conquer.”

42. Connor

The surname Connor is of Irish origin and is a name of loyalty as it means “lover of wolves.”

43. Creed

Creed is a habitational name of Anglo-Saxon origin taken after Cornwall, which had a church called Creed named after St. Crida.

44. Curran

Of Gaelic origin, the name means “spear” and is a name of power.

45. Cutler

Cutler is an occupational name of Old French origin. The word cut refers to a “knife,” thus, this surname refers to a “maker of knives.”

46. Cullen

The surname Cullen means “descendant of Coileán” and is of Gaelic origin. The personal name in Irish means “cub.”

47. Dalton

The name means “valley settlement.” It is a habitational name common in Northumberland and Yorkshire.

48. Davis

Davis is a patronymic surname of Welsh origin and means “son of David.”

49. Decker

The name originates from the Old German name decker. It means “a roofer” and is a common occupational name.

50. Dixon

Of Anglo-Saxon origin, this name means “son of Richard.” This personal name means “powerful.”

51. Dominguez

Dominguez is a Spanish name that means “son of Dominic.” It is a patronymic surname and also a personal name of Roman-Italic origin that means “belonging to God.”

52. Donovan

The Irish descendent name Donovan means “descendant of Donndubhán.” In anglicized form, it means “descendant of the brown-haired man.”

53. Delaney

The name Delaney is Gaelic and has its origins in the French word, aunaie, which means “alder grove.”

54. Demetriou

Demetriou means “child of Demetrios.” This name Demetrios means “gift from Demeter.”

55. Diamandis

The name originates from Greek, and it means “diamond.”

56. Drakos

Drakos means “dragon” and is derived from the personal Greek name Drakon. The name represents strength and power.

57. Drozdov

The name reflects spirituality as it means “blackbird.” It is of Russian origin.

58. Easton

The name is of Scottish and English origin. It is a habitational surname meaning “east of the settlement.”

59. Eguchi

A name common to the island of Kyushu, Japan, Eguchi means “mouth of the river.”

60. Elin

Meaning “son of Ellen,” this is a simple Russian last name. Elin also has origins in Scandinavian and Greek, where it means “light.”

61. Evans

The name means “son of Evans.” Evans is the anglicized version of the Welsh name Ifan, which means “gracious gift of Jehovah.”

62. Everhart

Everhart is a name of German origin and is a name of strength and courage as it represents a “strong boar.”

63. Ford

Ford is a habitational name given to a person or family living “near the river crossing.” It is of Old English origin.

64. Fawzi

The name Fawzi refers to “victory.” It is of Turkish and Arabic origin.

65. Fletcher

The name is derived from the Old French word flech(i)er, which means “arrow.” As it translates to English, the name has become occupational and refers to an “arrowsmith.”

66. Forbes

Forbes means “son of Fearbhisigh (prosperous man)” and is an anglicized Celtic name.

67. Fotos

The name is considered the derivative of the Greek name Fotis, which was derived from the Greek phos meaning “light.”

68. Furukawa

Similar to the last name Kogawa, this common Japanese surname means “old river.” It was a popular name among the Minamoto, Nitta, and northern Fujiwara families.

69. Garcia

Garcia is a Spanish name that means “son of Garcia.” It is the Spanish version of Gerald’s German origin name, meaning “rule of the spear.”

70. Garin

Derived from the first names Garinus and Guarinus, this name is of German origin. It is also a Russian patronymic last name derived from the first name Gerasim, “honorable elder.”

71. Genji

Genji means “two beginnings” and is a name common in Japan and Asia.

72. Gibbs

Gibbs means “bright pledge.” The surname Gibbs is said to have originated from the medieval personal name Gibs, which later became Gilbert.

73. Grange

The name Grange is topographic of Old French and Old English origin referring to someone “living near a granary.”

74. Griffin

This last name meaning “fierce,” has origins in Latin, Greek, and Assyrian.

75. Griffith

The name Griffith derives from the Welsh name Gruffudd, and means “strong lord.”

76. Grimes

Grimes is an ancient name with origins in Old Danish and Old Swedish. It is similar to the Old English word Grima, which means “mask.” Hence, this name derives its meaning as “masked person.”

77. Gushiken

Gushiken surname is of Okinawan origin, one of the Japanese islands. The name composed of three Kanji characters means “strong-willed.”

78. Halifax

The name originates from a place called Halifax in the West Riding of Yorkshire. This place’s name means “remote nook where the coarse grass grows.”

79. Harlow

The name is of Old English origin yet has several meanings. While it means “heaps of rocks” in West Yorkshire, the name means “army” in the areas of Essex and Northumberland.

80. Hasapis

The name Hasapis comes from Greek and is a habitational name that means “butcher.”

81. Hasegawa

Hasegawa is a common name among eastern Japan and the Ryukyu Islands and means “river at the beginning of the strait.”

82. Hayes

Hayes is a Gaelic origin last name meaning “descendant of Aodh.” The personal name Aodh means “fire.”

83. Hightower

Hightower is an Old English name that has been used as a common habitational kind as its root word heah, or high, which refers to “settlements.”

84. Holmes

The English surname Holmes is a habitational name used to refer to someone living near “islands.”

85. Ishikawa

Common in Eastern Japan, this is a surname of power as it means “rock river.”

86. Irons

The surname of Anglo-Saxon origin radiates the same characteristic of the metal, “strong.” It also has origins as a habitational name from Airaines in Somme.

87. Ito

Ito is the most common Japanese surname. The name represents several things, the most common rendition meaning “Fujiwara of Ise,” i.e., the clan of Fujiwara from Ise.

88. Jagger

Jagger is an occupational name of Old English origin. The name has a connection to horses as its ancestral version Jag refers to a “jockey.”

89. Jennings

The name is common in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales and means “son of John.” The personal name John is of Hebrew origin, meaning “graced by God.”

90. Kamiyama

Kamiyama means “God” and has origins in Japanese.

91. Keating

The suffix of the name Keating means “son of” while Keat.” It is a derivative of Old English, meaning “kite.” This kite was used as a nickname for a “fierce person.”

92. Keller

The name Keller has origins in Old German and means “cellar.” The name also has occupational meaning as it means “winemaker.”

93. Kido

The most common rendition of this Japanese last name is “wooden door.” It may also mean “castle door,” implying fervor.

94. Kovalyov

The English name Smithson meaning “blacksmith,” takes its derivation from the Russian surname Kovalyov. It is a common Russian last name.

95. Langley

Langley has Old Norse origins and is composed of two elements, lang and lif, which means “long life.” It is an alternate version of the personal name Langlíf.

96. Lenkov

Meaning “son of Alexander,” Lenkov is a known surname in Russia. Alexander is the first name of Greek origin, meaning “defender of men.”

97. Lykaios

The name Lykaios is a name of nobility as it means “wolf.” It is a derivation of the Greek word Lykos.

98. Markopoulos

Comprising the personal name Mark, which means “consecrated to the god Mars,” the last name Markopoulos means “son of Mark.”

99. Marshall

Meaning “lover of horses,” this Scottish surname is an occupational name.

100. Mason

Mason is a name of English and Scottish origins and means “one who works with stone.”

101. Matsumura

The name is from Japan and is a common name originating from the Ryukyu Islands. It is a topographic one as it means “pine tree village.”

102. McKenna

McKenna is the English version of the Irish and Scottish surname Irish, Mac Cionaoith. While Mac means “son of,” Cionaoith or Cionadh refers to “the fire or sun God.”

103. Molotov

Molotov means “hammer” and is a Russian surname.

104. Morris

The surname Morris has its origins in Norman, and it means “of the marsh.” It is also the English version of the Old French name Maurice.

105. Murray

In Scottish, it denotes someone “living near a sea settlement.” The name also has Irish origin, meaning “descendent of Muireadhach,” which was a name given to different families from various parts of Ireland.

106. Nash

Nash is a common English and Welsh origin name. It is habitational, referring to someone living near the “ash tree.”

107. Nelsons

The last name means “son of Nell.” This patronymic surname, an extended version of the personal name Nell, is of Irish origin. Nell, Neal, or Niall, in Gaelic, means “champion.”

108. Otake

Originating from the southeastern seaboard and in the Ryukyu Islands, Japan, this name means “large bamboo” and is a name that symbolizes strength and resilience. “Great warrior” is its other least known rendition.

109. Petrov

Petrov is a patronymic surname that has origins in Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Russian, and Serbian. It is derived from the Greek Petros, which means “rock.”

110. Pierce

The surname Pierce is a patronymic surname meaning “son of Peter.” The personal name derives from the Old French Pierre and Latin Patra, which means “stone.”

111. Quinn

Quinn is a common surname of Irish origin meaning “descendant of Conn.” The name Conn is derived from the Old Irish Cond, which means “intellect.”

112. Quinney

The last name is the Irish version and the patronymic surname of the English Canice or Kenny, which means “handsome” in Scottish.

113. Rodgers

The name means “son of Roger.” In Old French and Old German, Roger means “famous spearman.”

114. Sawyer

Sawyer is an occupational surname of Old English origin meaning “sawyer of the wood.”

115. Sone

Sone is a Japanese surname worthy of its tag as it means “ancestor.” It may also mean “foot,” implying the roots of a family.

116. Sullivan

The surname Sullivan is derived from the Irish súildhubhán, which means “black-eyed.” The name can also be used to refer to a vigilant person as it also means “hawk-eyed.”

117. Turner

The name Turner has many derivations. In English and Scottish, it refers to a person working with wood and hence is an occupational name. In German, the surname Turner refers to a “one working in a high tower.”

118. Underwood

Underwood is a habitational name of Old English and Scottish origin referring to “someone living near the woods.”

119. Weber

Weber is the English version of Old German origin and is an occupational name given to weavers.

120. Zimmerman

Zimmermann in German means “carpenter.” This is a common surname among Germans.

Badass family names are cool and secretly fuel up the strength and courage within oneself. Our list of badass last names or surnames with meanings includes exactly those kinds of names. So, go ahead and top your family with that punch of attitude radiating from these names.

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