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Tantra Meditations for Busy Moms

I am a certified meditation teacher. However, the meditation that has changed my life and my physical state is Tantra Meditation. It brings me some exceptional well-being to the point that I intend to train myself as a specialist teacher for this method.

It is difficult to explain to you in one simple article how to meditate with Tantra. Also we have misconceptions in the West about Tantra that we quickly summarize as a “practice to increase sexual pleasure”. In reality Tantra touches all facets of daily life and not just sexual life!

Today I invite you to discover Tantra Meditation. It will allow you to clear your mind while increasing the flow of Kundalini within you.

Stressed moms, do you panic when your children are abominable, do a lot of nonsense or are sick? Are you overly worried? This type of meditation will allow you to learn how to take control of your thoughts and your mind. You will finally lead it. It will go where you want and not elsewhere! That’s important. That’s the main thing!

Exercise 1
Sit comfortably. It is best to sit on a fairly firm and high meditation cushion. Adopt the correct posture by keeping your head in line with your spine. The back should be straight.

Then concerning the state of mind, quickly realize that you have problems to solve but leave them outside! Give yourself the right to take time out from your problems and warn your mind: “It’s time for Tantra Meditation. You will think about that later. Thanks!”

Breathe normally for a few minutes. Focus on each part of your body to notice if there is any tension. Ask the tensions you noticed to go away.

Then focus on your breathing and then only on the natural “pause” time, the space, which follows the inspiration and the expiration. Give your full attention to this “gap” for 10 minutes.

It may seems a little bit difficult but be sure you are on the good path!

Exercise 2

Do the same thing but take the time to notice what a breathing cycle is: an inspiration + a natural pause + an expiration + a natural pause.
Notice where one breath cycle ends and the other begins. Do this for 10 minutes. You’ve reach another step in the difficulty! Congrats!

In my next article we will go further and we will see 2 other exercises.

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