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New Year’s Resolutions for Children

The end of the year is a great time to help children discover and create good resolutions. If for us, adults, good resolutions may seem boring, for children they can be very funny challenges! It is also a good idea to anchor healthy lifestyle habits in your children. Let’s see how to do it!

Setting resolutions together
You are adults, you know life and you know that there is no point in setting resolutions with implacable standards and goals! To be attainable, New Year’s resolutions must be reasonable. You therefore have, with your children, the role of a moderator and a motor at the same time!

Keep the process fun
Good resolutions should be fun for the whole family. Their effectiveness should be noticed on a daily basis. This is why you can help yourself with a large cardboard on which they will be registered. I suggest you explain to your children what your own resolutions are, by detailing them. Tell your kid why you chose this or that resolution. This will encourage him to do the same!

The topic of new year’s resolutions
It may be hygiene and health or protective measures such as putting on your helmet when you go cycling. It may be a question of dynamism, the child can decide to do his yoga for the little ones every evening before going to sleep. The child may also take the resolution to alert his parents when he feels sadness or isolation, when he feels excluded from a group. He can finally decide to have his bedroom that is always in good condition, clean and tidy. The subject of the resolutions can also relate to contact with the family: for example, he can decide to telephone his grandmother every mid-week to develop ties.

New Year’s resolutions for little ones are often about creating good habits for life. But you can let your child be imaginative and set a common, collective good resolution that will concern the whole family, such as going for a jog together on Sunday morning.

Some examples

I will no longer say that I am unlucky!
I will wash my hands 4 times a day even when they don’t seem dirty
I will keep my room tidy
I’ll put my dirty clothes in the laundry myself
I won’t wake my parents at night for nothing
I’ll try to deal with my nocturnal fears by turning on my light on my own
I will make an effort to hang out with friends who like me and stop hanging out with those who don’t like me or make fun of me.
When I’m bored I’ll try to learn something new from a book
I will drink at least three large glasses of water a day even if I am not thirsty
I will eat less sweets to preserve my health
I will try to eat the vegetables that I do not know…

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