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Mom Believes in Angels!

Growing up, children come up against all kinds of beliefs… According to the their parents’ religion or beliefs, they build their own system of Hope and Thought. They build their faith in what they want or what they like or are attracted by. They may believe in God, in Heaven, in angels, in the universe, the law of attraction… They may have a very personal faith, a patchwork of what really makes them react or feel good.

Italian roots and pious monuments…

I didn’t grow up in a very religious family. We rarely went to mass. Yet I very clearly remember having started to believe in God, the God of Christians, when I was about 4 years old. We didn’t talk that much about God at home but my grandmother (whom had lost many members of her family in a short time) was quite pious. She had Italian origins, italian roots. She had been educated in a real full faith. From her kitchen window, in Marseille, in the distance, you could see Notre Dame de la Garde, a famous pious monument. The “good mother” as we call it here.

Not an hour passed without my grandmother going to look, from the window of her apartment located far from the sea, at the famous monument. One of his younger brothers she had raised as her own son had disappeared at sea at the age of 19. Also for her, this monument over the sea appeared like a beacon, a lighthouse in the dark night of the soul…

She gave me my first books about Joseph, Mary, Jesus and John the Baptist when I was 6 years old. She took me one cool summer morning to Notre Dame de la Garde. We climbed the steep little streets of her childhood. The nuns who were up there in the church and at the snack bar frightened me!

She taught me how to pray and then I never stopped. I prayed all my life after that, every night. I still pray every time I wake up during my sleep. That’s not a routine. That’s a daily communication I need.

Protected by the “Our father”!

Lately I have learned to protect myself and to protect parts of my consciousness with prayers. It’s a novelty. I always felt that we were surrounded by energies and I confess that I never thought I could be confronted with bad ones. What I like about prayer is that it has, in my opinion, infinite powers over our unconscious. If we feel protected, we become more positive. For my part, I feel connected to my guide (he is someone I knew during his lifetime) and I know him much better today than 20 years ago when he disappeared. In my opinion, if people die physically, the bond of love survives to everything! Love is a tool and a power given to us. We use it too little. Far too often we manipulate it for our own ends… Which of course is not a good thing!

Right now my faith is still going strong but I also believe in angels. I have learned to provide healing with Angels Reiki and I know many rituals to contact the Archangels.

Is religion scaring for children?

I raised my two sons in the faith. Not an imposed faith but the possibility of learning the two main prayers “Our Father” and “Hail Mary” and just to think about it. They know a lot about Jesus’ life because they asked. But I teached them these prayers, that’s all. They are free to ask some questions or to make the concept of faith evolve in their inner self. The eldest of my sons no longer has faith. I’m not sure but that’s what he tells. He is 17 years old, he is a teenager. The little one makes his prayers in the evening and can perceive angelic presences. We have a part of mediumship in our family. It was the same for the elder long time ago. My great-grandfather defined himself as a “ferryman of souls”. About my second son, does seeing angels scare him? No more in my opinion than the dark and violent (or stupid) cartoons that sometimes appear on television…

My eldest son believed in signs until he was 14. Then I believe that he gave up believing in the supernatural.

On the other hand, the little one is a signs detector. As myself he is convinced of having a guide and a guardian angel. He prays in holy places and always asks me for a few coins to light a candle for our former dog.

His life is paved with little golden hearts and little stars of many colors, just as much as mine! He is convinced that all those he finds come from my guide and are intended for me. Sometimes I tell him they should be for him instead!

What criticisms can be leveled to a spiritual mother?

  • You may think that she does not raise her children into the reality and the harshness of life in 2022
  • You may accuse her telling lies to her children, even if these facts are reassuring and pretty nice
  • She may be singled out to influence her children in their personal faith
  • You may think that her children, if they rely too much on angels and archangels, will have many problems later…

What are the benefits of having a spiritual mom?

  • The child with a spiritual mother learns that a part of him is able to communicate with a more subtle universe than ours. Also he learns to see through situations. Not only to watch “in front” of
  • The child with a spiritual mother has a tool of hope available here, so he can be more positive than the others
  • The child with a spiritual mother learns that some things exist or may have an influence without us being able to see them!
  • The child with a spiritual mother opens his perception and his intellect to fine and sharp concepts
  • Having a belief is opening the door to another culture. This was my case, after studying advertising, my belief pushed me to undertake studies in Catholic theology. I wanted to understand spiritual things better

Is it disturbing for a child who does not believe to be raised by a spiritual mother?

The answer is yes! The child who may be down to earth in adolescence can quickly become exasperated to hear his mother talking about angels, archangels, reiki, magnetism, etc. However, he learns a strong value: tolerance. In life the child who will become an adult will have to be tolerant towards the beliefs of others. He will also have to develop the belief that “everything will be fine” for his own life and the belief that he is “strong” otherwise life will be difficult for him. The faith of his mother will also be able to carry him the day when this one will disappear. To see someone who believed going is much less sad.

What principles should a spiritual mother respect with her children in everyday life?

  • She should not invoke or evoke the angels, the archangels, the subtle world for anything and everything in front of her children.
  • She should not make spirituality the answer to everything!
  • She should first promote concrete and realistic responses to solve concrete and realistic problems
  • She should avoid “practicing” rituals in front of her children and remember that the energies are indeed… energy precisely! Polluting your interior, the family home, with bad energies can be harmful…
  • She should not use objects like the pendulum at home for the sake of not showing a spiritual tool as a solution to some problems
  • She should not let her spiritual emotions intervene before common sense
  • She must remember that even something very positive like a miracle scares children!
  • She must, finally, respect the wishes of her children in this matter. It must also make them understand that everyone is free to develop their own faith in the direction they want, as long as there is no hold (sects, very expensive or dubious formations, etc.)

Having a spiritual mom can be something wonderful because the fulfilled spiritual mom is often very empathetic, motivating and encouraging. Positivism is her cup of tea. But of course this philosophy of life must remain moderate and intervene at the right times and not all day long!

Sissi Angel

Mom, artist and reiki healer

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