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How To Be A Successful Mommy Blogger?

Being a successful mommy blogger is not a short time plan. A dozen thousand moms starts to run a blog every day in the world. Some moms do it as an affordable leasure. Others are more involved, spending a lot of time (and money) working behind the screen.

A Rewarding Hobby

Some moms find it rewarding to provide reliable and unpublished information in order to help parents. I sound a bit like that… I ran a blog about the Quest of Happiness for 10 years. I ended up reselling it, tired of this topic perhaps too little sharp for me and because we were so numerous in France to write about that topic.

These ten years spent developing my own blog have nevertheless allowed me to meet a lot of interesting people and some experts, to receive books and products for free, to sell my own ebooks more easily, but also to collect Amazon royalties. Also I went to WordCamps, what always makes great memories! The page is now turned. I needed a big change. This parenting blog allows me to practice English on a daily basis. But above all, I learn a lot about parenting, child development and autism. Blogging is an efficient way to constantly update my knowledge. But now let’s get to the most important thing: How to get a successful blog that also brings you fulfillment?

A Prospective Stagnation

The big problem with a blog is the prospective stagnation. At the beginning you feel very happy with your brand new toy. You spend a lot of time with it. It’s like a love story: You are convinced it will last forever! But then after a lot of work and a poor amount of visits you feel as… desesperate! That’s what I call the desert crossing. Inspiration and motivation are the water: harder to find each day… the possibility of earning money becomes an oasis located far away in the desert: a kind of distant mirage … During the desert crossing you should keep a huge self confidence and being very proud to be a blogger because that’s what you wanted, no? You should try to feel as a a Joe Mac Millan in the serie “Halt And Catch Fire”! During the desert crossing try to innovate, be motivated by the creative side of the job! You’ve got a space to create and to express yourself. That’s a real luck! To remain creative and innovative will help you to cross these days.

First I Need Coffee!

When you feel like “So much work for nothing”, grab your laptop, a blank notebook, and go to a cafe. Look at the people around you. What kind of people or parents are they? What do they need? Think about all the possibilities to increase your traffic such as creating an even more specialized blog in your blog that’s what I call a blog-in-blog (example: in my parenting blog I would like to integrate a small integrated blog dedicated to tools for autism).

Be A Proud Blogger

Not attracting enough visitors is a regular situation. Not a big deal if you keep believing in yourself. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers because in the end your character is exactly what makes the difference. You can’t be loved by everyone. You may have some haters. Don’t answer to haters. Don’t give them a chance to hurt you. Too many bloggers make their blog a battle camp! Remember you are in your own expression place. But also remember if you have a too sharp opinion about a topic you may lose some readers. In my first blog about beauty I wrote than big women shouldn’t make too much diets but try to forge their willpower. I had to close the comments after 2 days! I was totally harassed! To me that was just another motivation sentence, but I realized it could hurt some people who weren’t able to cling to their inner potential.

Please remember that the primary purpose of blogging is to make you happy. If you are genuine enough in your pleasure activity and in this special vibration you love then you will attract the good visitors to you. No matter what you write, you are free to have an opinion about things you know well. By the time you’ve earned your first dollar and got your first comment you’re already in the potentially earning blogging system. You just need to enlargeit!

Perserverance Is Your Best Friend

I was born in 1975. In 2000, when the Internet was emerging in France, I began to sell, in addition to the classic graphics which was then my profession, websites. It’s crazy, but we, the young people of the 90s, were the generation to introduce this technology which has never stopped evolving. Think about Yahoo! and manual referencing! Right now everything is changing very quickly, yet being a blogger is still having one foot in a technology that is ultimately only in its infancy. After the scientific information which was its object, the Internet became a source of reliable information, then a huge market. But little by little it has been invaded by low quality content which levels the culture even further downwards. The next move will be a step backwards: the necessary return to a honest quality content. Soul is the keyword. We go to the internet that knows you very well, that knows your questions and your anxieties and that will offer targeted tools to answer them. Do you want to be part of this adventure? Think about this unique experience that a creative e-platform like WordPress allows you to acquire in a few years while valuing yourself! Having a blog and persevering will forge your willpower!

Keep it a hobby for 3 to 6 years. Make it with passion and honesty!

A hobby is something you are definitely passionate about! If you like blogging you must know everything about WordPress and about your subject. WordPress is a very fast evolving system. Each plugin allows an evolution to your blog. It’s difficult to know everything and to keep updated! If – as I do – you participate in some WordCamps you will meet enthusiastic people wanting to share their latest discoveries with you. There are also good books about the WordPress technology, dedicated blogs, online courses… If you need more explanations you can find experts working with low hourly cost on fivver (see below).

A hobby is something we are passionate about! If you like blogging you must know everything about WordPress and your subject. WordPress is a very fast evolving system. Each plugin allows an evolution for your blog. It’s difficult to know everything. If – as I do – you participate in some WordCamps you will meet enthusiast people who will want to share their latest discoveries with you. There are also good books about the WordPress technology, dedicated blogs, online courses… If you need more explanations you can find experts working with low hourly cost on fivver (see below).

Find a profitable niche

Beauty in the broadest sense is not a niche! It can’t! A blog that only talks about eco-friendly anti-aging products is one! By working in a niche you will attract readers interested in your very specialized topic. If your mom’s fashion blog covers all styles of fashion, this isn’t a niche. On the other hand, if you devote your blog to cult clothing from the 1980s, congratulations you have found a niche that could even allow you to create, in the long term, a rental service for vintage outfits (for shooting short films or video clips). I do think the monetization idea comes after a few years exploring your niche. That’s a kind of initiatic and essential trip!

Find a profitable niche in a profitable niche!

Introducing a niche within a niche is different from having another additional category of articles. In my ten-year-old Quest for Happiness blog, I used the Blog-In-Blog plugin to create a personal journal. The articles posted there had nothing to do with the articles on the theme of happiness of the main blog, but they composed the journal of my emotions. I thus attracted to me curious readers who wanted to know more about my life, which did not prevent people eager for tips to be happy to find what they were looking for. If you have a lot of friends and your friends have a lot of friends too, the journal is a great way to increase traffic on your blog! Of course you have to be ready to give up on your life total privacy and your little secrets from the heart. Do you remember the most beautiful girl in your high school, the one who never deigned to talk to you? During an alumni meal you learn that she has got a blog! Would you not take a look there to see what this kind of girl becomes once a mother or 20 years after graduation? Do not say No! Of course you want to know! Of course you will google her! So Curiosity=Visitors!

Don’t wait for advertisers to come! Open a new page for your advertising gigs!

We all heard it was bad for your image to have some advertising on your blog. This is especially true for high-end fashion blogs and anything aimed at the minimalism industry. On this kind of blogs, bloggers are paid in collaborations. They wear clothes from the latest collection, take pictures, highlight them and offer a discreet link to buy items. You can’t imagine an Amazon or Google advertisement on a sophisticated blog as Garance Doré’s one. However, several times I have bought an advertising space on a music blog (a starter) to promote one of my music. The repercussions weren’t great, but I reached around a hundred people and I didn’t pay that much ($20 monthly). The owner of the blog who was 21 and just started blogging was really glad! And I was glad to give her a bit of positivism with my order! I believe you get when you give! On my blog, I have a page explaining you can purchase an advertising insert. Practice light and affordable rates! Also offer to publish infomercials provided the content is unique and relevant to your niche.

Don’t only blog about your niche topics! Avoiding the “Me, myself and I” articles, talk about your work philosophy!

I don’t like bloggers who totally expose their every move even though I did that, in one of my first blogs, as well. Too much exposure will attract rejection and jealousy. It really makes you happy to see a blogger making over $ 4000 a month posing with products and telling her vacation in the Bahamas while you were stranded on your own Christmas vacation with angry kids and the flu? What does interest you into a good blogger? Her/his techniques, no? The way she/he knows how to make herself/himself awesome and avoid attracting jealousy? Her/his simplicity? Her/his life in a cabin in French Quebec? I like to imagine people’s lives but I know that real life isn’t perfect! If you show your life don’t make tons of it, be yourself even if you take care of the decor. No one wants to see your dirty socks on the floor or a vacuum cleaner in the background! Cultivate all your blogger qualities! Share some pics of you, not too much. People don’t want to drown in it, they just want to see who you are and to enjoy some sides of your unique style and life philosophy as a blogger! Blogging is cool! Remember it!

Have a “donation” button linked to Paypal. A humorous style is very welcome!

All is said! No comment! Don’t ask money as “I’m poor, please help me” (ahah!) Your time has got as cost. While blogging you don’t win money elsewhere. Help people to understand that!

Think about a daily short review or analysis about a product related to your niche!

Guys you’d better have a Kindle tablet and subscribe to read as much ebooks as you want. That’s a great way to write book reviews! Stay aware: every morning look at Google to see what’s new about your niche! You must be the first expert! You must really know what you website is about! Be the first to know everything about your niche!

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