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Favorite College Care Package Ideas for Girls for 2021

For college students who have just moved to campus, a care package is a welcome surprise. We put together our favorite college care packages idea for girls with a few things that are true necessities for 2021 and others that will just make her smile.

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College care package ideas for girls

1. The Comfy

These soft, wearable blankets are super-popular with teens and college kids and your daughter would love to get one.


2. Kyle Cavan Jewelry

We have absolutely fallen in love with Kyle Cavan, whose jewelry pieces are elegant and true keepsakes. They have chosen iconic buildings and retro logos to create lovely necklaces, bracelets and more. Your daughter will LOVE this.

Kyle CavanKyle Cavan

3. Face Coverings

Masks are one thing that our daughters (and sons) need whenever they leave their dorm, apartment, or our homes. One of the very favorite masks that our Grown and Flown community loves is the Activate Face Mask made by Athleta.

The durable fabric is soft and breathable and the straps are adjustable. They come two to a package and are available in different hues of brown-orange, pink-grey or solid grey. There is also a thin pocket for a filter, added safety feature.

athleta Face masks athleta Face masks

4. CampusCube Snack Box

CampusCube and Grown and Flown have teamed up to create a college care package for students. There are enough snacks and treats to share with her new roommate and hallmates. Save $5 on any care package or 10% on 3 or more with discount code: GF5.

Campus Cube care packageCampus Cube care package

5. New top

Athleta has one of the best selections for girls and women of all shapes and sizes.

This wrap top could be something your daughter slips on over whatever she is wearing to look pulled together for almost any occasion. It’s also a cute, lightweight sweater for when she goes out on cooler autumn days.

athleta wrap top athleta wrap top

6. Bose noise-canceling headphones

The 700 series by Bose gets the highest marks for noise-canceling headphones, something that college students appreciate when they are trying to study in the midst of noisy dorms. These are expensive, but your daughter will appreciate them whenever she uses them to drown out loud noises to study.

Anker makes much less expensive wireless headphones that also get high reviews in the under $100 price category.

Bose headphonesBose headphones

7. AirPod Pros

These are simply amazing devices and, once you use them, you will wonder how you got along without them. There are noise-canceling qualities to the AirPod Pros and the battery lasts for 24 hours.

AirPods ProAirPods Pro

8. Facial spray

This super-popular brand of facial mists comes in this set of three fragrances: cucumber and green tea; herbs and rosewater; camomile and lavender.

facial mist facial mist

9. Allbirds socks

Allbrids has long made some of the most amazing shoes and now, they have branched out into apparel. These socks are incredibly soft, comfortable, and durable and are available in several styles and lots of beautiful colors. While you are on the site, check out all the gorgeous apparel and amazing shoes for women and men.

Allbirds socksAllbirds socks

10. Supergoop! Play lip balm

Your daughter will love this broad spectrum SPF lip balm with hydrating honey, shea butter, & sunflower seed oil. In a crowded market of lip balms, this one gets top reviews. 

super goop lip balmsuper goop lip balm
11. Bliss hand cream

She will also be happy to try this Bliss hand cream with a lemon and sage fragrance. 

12. Essie Treat, Love & Color nail polish 

Your daughter can polish her nails without needing a top or base coat with this line of Essie polishes. Gorgeous colors, too.

Essie nail polish Essie nail polish

13. Revlon hairdryer and styler

Grown and Flown moms RAVE about this hairdryer.

Revlon hair dryerRevlon hair dryer

14. Flowers

Want to send flowers to your daughter but don’t know what the florists are in her college town? The Bouqs Company delivers farm-fresh flowers and plants with beautiful arrangements to choose from. 

boqus flowers boqus flowers

15. Cookies by Design

Cookies by Design delivers freshly-baked cookies safely to a dorm, apartment, or home. They have a wide assortment to choose from — including platters with assorted cookies — and also these signature cookie bouquets, which might be perfect for students studying at home.

cookies by design cookies by design

16. Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Your daughter can turn her shower into a spa with one of these aromatherapy tablets. Infused with essentials oils, they are available in lavender, eucalyptus, or orange mint.

shower steamersshower steamers

17. Therapy Dough

Modeled after clay used in art therapy classes, these pots of aromatic therapy dough are infused with essential oils for stress relief and have been super popular in the Grown and Flown group.

therapy doughtherapy dough

18. Bedside Essentials Pouch

This felt pouch can hold glasses, a phone, or other necessities at your teen’s bedside.

bedside pouch bedside pouch

19. Eye pillow

We all need some things to help us relax and our teens are no different. A nice eye pillow is cute, luxurious and might help your college kid get a little extra sleep.

If you're looking for the BEST list of college care package ideas for girls, then this list is it. These are our favorite ideas for making the best college care package for your student. #college #carepackage #collegelife #carepackageideas #collegegirls #gifts #teens #teenagers

If you're looking for the BEST list of college care package ideas for girls, then this list is it. These are our favorite ideas for making the best college care package for your student. #college #carepackage #collegelife #carepackageideas #collegegirls #gifts #teens #teenagers

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