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The Benefits of Dress-up Play

All children love to dress up and to try on new outfits! It make them feel so adventurous! This quiet simple and very healthy game is full of benefits and meets the child’s real cognitive needs! Let’s see why!

  • Playing dress-up allows the child to hide his true personality only for a while. It also allows to get a better understanding of many life rules. In particular, by playing Dress-up, the child may understand a major life law: all you see is not always reality. In other words, clothes don’t make a man! There is another essential teaching in Dress-up play which is “it may be helpful, sometimes, to pretend to be someone else“. What we see in the mirror with our own eyes is not necessarily who we are. A disguise does not always transmit what we still are inside! The child acting as a thief or a pirate is still a good person inside!
  • Playing dress-up helps the child to distinguish the outside from the inside. He learns the difference between body and mind, between actions and personality.
  • Being hidden under a character’s attributes allows the child to develop self-confidence. The child is free to transcend himself and to act in a way which might, usually, frighten him.
  • Dress-up Play allows the child to refine his ability to adapt.
  • Dress-up Play is an inexhaustible inspirational source for creating new stories. When you are disguised as an evil pirate, it becomes easier to also imagine the boat, the sea and the crew going with!
  • Dress-up Play develops the imagination but also the visualization abilities. Adults who are able to visualize their goals are more adaptable.
  • Dress-up Play develops the sense of possibility. The child understands that creativity is endless and is not stuck in only one dimension…
  • Dress-up Play evolves with ages. It may also open some possibilities as a passion for acting!
  • The art of Dress-Up Play allows the child to reward himself by becoming exactly who he wants when he wants. He becomes more aware about his inner powers!

Dress-up Play meets an essential child need: the ability to adapt to a new environment.

“I love it because sometimes you would like to be as a cartoon character you saw on TV! Dress-up play allows you to become your own hero!” Ashley, 5 years old.

Dress-up play also brings a very festive atmosphere at home (which is usually reserved for big days and birthdays with children). Using Dress-up Play at home every day helps children to get a positive and optimistic mind!

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