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Today I’m joined by Jamie Edelbrock, author of Tangled Up. Tangled up (@TangledUpBook on Facebook and Instagram) is a children’s book that can be used as a starting point on your child’s mental health journey (and your own!). In this beautiful story, she weaves in the message that we all feel tangled up at times and that’s okay. It’s also okay to get help.

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Dr. Cam: Hey, I’m Dr. Cam. And I’m super excited because, other than my daughter, I have my first guest on my show. Jamie Edelbrock is here. She’s married to her high school sweetheart. They have three daughters, and she’s worn many hats. You have been a homeschool mom. Right there. I’m blown away because I don’t know how you do that. A preschool director, a family ministry director and you rocked it. And now you are an author? Yes. That’s crazy. It was almost a year ago today. We were sitting on your front porch, drinking tea. And your whole world had just blown up! So, take us there. And then, a year later, you are an actual author with a publisher going into bookstores worldwide.
Jamie Edelbrock: Like what I know it’s crazy. And I say Oh, it’s only God. Because a year ago, we were drinking tea and crying on my front porch.
DC: That’s true. We were doing that.
JE: In such a short amount of time. I had lost a church family, a job, my husband was deployed. I had nothing, literally nothing. That’s what I felt like my whole world was flipped upside down. I knew everything was happening for a reason. But I had nothing. And at that same time, my kids were struggling, they can tell you know, the world had been our little world had been flipped upside down. And here we were, Mom and three daughters, because you know, Eric was away, trying to figure it all out. And it was painful to watch my kids struggle. But also me. I use the word tangled up, because that’s one way I can describe it is your mind is a mess. Your hearts a mess. Like it’s all just jumbled up, untangle this and knots. And I was literally sitting in a gymnastics class with one of my daughters and knowing that another one was struggling really, really, really bad. With school, with dad being away, with friendships, all of that. And I wanted to tell her like it’s going to be okay, you need to see a counselor, a therapist. She didn’t want to go. So, I poured my heart out in a letter to her in gymnastics class. I was just writing, writing, writing, writing, writing. And when it was finished, I could literally vision pictures. And I thought this has to be a book. I took it to a couple friends. I went to one of my dear friend’s house and said, “Hey, listen to this.” And swallowed some pride and thought, “Well, I’m probably going to fail. But I’m just going to push this out to publishers.” And sure enough, a couple of them grabbed it. And I went with Mascot books ( And the rest is history. It’s only God. Now a year later with illustrator, publisher, marketing director, all of that. Here we are.
Dr. Cam: It is absolutely amazing. And I remember talking about it and you sent me the manuscript and reading it and going, “Oh my God, this is absolutely beautiful.” The whole way you described tangled up in this description is so incredible. But who knew a year later? Tell us a little bit about what the book is about and the purpose of the book because I think that’s a big piece of it.
JE: Yeah, so it’s a children’s book. It talks about how kids get tangled up. Obviously, adults get tangled up too. But this is directed at kids to let them know, hey, things get you tangled up, whether it’s big things or little things, whether it’s daddy being deployed, moving, bullies, struggling with school, a death in the family, someone’s sick, well, heaven sakes, COVID now. All of this, anything to get us tangled up. In the book, I describe how we are made from these beautiful threads. And we’re made to do beautiful things, bright, sparkly threads of us. And when things happen in our life with big things, little things, we get tangled up in knots. And sometimes moms and dads, sisters, brothers can’t help. Sometimes friends can’t even help. And that’s where counselors and therapists come in. In the book, I call them professional detanglers because that’s what they are. Love that. In the book, they take the beautiful threads of us that have been tangled up, and they can detangle them, they know how to make us flowing and brilliant and bright again. And one little idea that you had Cam, when I brought this to you because I trust you and I love your wisdom and you are one of those amazing professional detanglers.
DC: I’m going to take that title by the way. Teen Detangler

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