65 Best Talent Show Ideas For Kids

Talent shows are fun ways to express yourself and your talents. You might have watched quite a few talent shows on television, in your child’s school, or during your community gatherings. But as everyone knows, participating in a talent show is much better than just watching it.

If your children are keen on participating in one, you might want to explore different ideas so that you can decide on one they can participate in.

The most difficult part of participating in a talent show is not the actual participation but deciding what to showcase. Your children need to do something that will highlight their best skills.

Thus, we bring you some of the best talent show ideas for kids. Check them out and zero in on one.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Talent Show Idea For Kids

Before encouraging your child to enter a talent show, there are certain things you must take into account.

  • Your child’s talent
  • The type of act (solo or group)
  • The duration of the act
  • Practice time
  • Props or helpers
  • Costs for the setup, props, etc.

Besides these, you also need to make sure that the act your child presents is appropriate for the target audience.

65 Talent Show Ideas For Kids

You can choose from different ideas to show your child’s talent to the world. Here are some talent show ideas for kids that will help them develop their skills and improve their confidence.

1. Dance

Many people like watching dance shows. If your child enjoys dancing, let them participate in a dance talent show. You can select the dance type, music, and costumes and let them perform solo or in a group.

2. Sing

Children generally have sweet voices that people love hearing. Select a song that your child is confident of singing, and you can help them practice it. As with dancing, your child can decide whether they want to sing solo or in a group.

3. Lip-sync

Not everyone is gifted with a sweet voice. Let your child learn the lyrics of their favorite song by heart and lip-sync it. They can add a few dance steps and make the act interactive.

4. Play an instrument

Many children learn and play different musical instruments. Let your child pick an instrument and a song of their choice. Let your child practice at home to get an idea of how long it takes to get through a song, and then decide a routine accordingly.

5. Paint

If your children love painting, you can turn it into an act. While painting may not be a typical talent show act, you can use music and lights to keep the audience on their feet. Let your child practice at home and paint something on a blank canvas to mesmerize the audience.

6. Draw

As with painting, you can use music and lights while your children draw something on a large canvas using charcoal, pencils, or pens. Again, keep the session interactive by asking the audience to guess what the child is drawing.

7. Recite

Let your child recite something they like. From poetry to a speech by a favorite personality, your child can choose anything they want. They can also select a topic of their choice, write something about it, and recite it. Make sure they are dressed according to the part.

8. Perform magical acts

Magic acts are classic talent show staples. You can get magic kits from local magic shops or even online. Practice the trick with your children until they can do it with their eyes closed, and get ready to wow the audience.

9. Perform a stand-up comedy routine

Stand-up comedy has gained considerable traction in recent years. Encourage your child to keep a poker face throughout the act, even if the audience is in splits. Narrate life incidents that made them laugh and get others laughing with them.

10. Act in a skit

Skits are short plays that are enjoyable to watch in a talent show. You can select a well-known story (e.g., Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, etc.) or write one on your own for the skit. Rehearsing for a skit also teaches children various responsibilities, such as delegation, decision-making, role-playing, and directing.

11. Perform sports skills

If your child is good at a sport, this is the perfect idea for them. They can perform basketball or soccer skills to the audience within a fixed time.

12. Dance medley

This is an act your children can do in a group. Select different dance styles and songs for each member and create a continuous routine with each routine lasting 30-40 seconds. Then they can all come together at the end and dance together to a song to make a lasting impression.

13. Clap your hands

Clapping hands requires precision. It is not as easy as it sounds. Practice a popular handclapping song, and let your child wear gloves for the final event. They can do it alone or with friends, and as they progress, they can experiment with new things.

14. Cheerlead

Cheerleading need not be confined to the sidelines of a sporting event. Your children can do an act out of it and cheer to their heart’s content. Select the type of costumes and the songs and determine whether they want to perform solo or with friends.

15. Perform karate

Your child can show off their self-defense skills and strength by performing karate for an audience. They will need a costume, plenty of practice, and some props to prepare for the act. Plan a five-minute routine that ends with them breaking a board with a karate chop or a kick.

16. Swing a yo-yo

Many people cannot wield a yo-yo effortlessly. But if your child can make a yo-yo obey their commands, it would be a cool talent show act. They can get a yo-yo that lights up when it spins or even color a normal one in glow-in-the-dark paints to put up an unforgettable show.

17. Perform the glowing stick dance

This is a popular trend that is making the rounds on social media. All you need is some black clothes, glowsticks, pins, and glue. Select a peppy number and practice the steps. The glowing stickman dance is guaranteed to lighten everyone’s mood in the room.

18. Share a tidbit from your culture

Every culture has different costumes, traditions, and practices. Dress your child up in your cultural costumes and let them say a few lines about it. They can share some quirky traditions others might not know.

19. Jump on a pogo stick

Children love pogo sticks. Your child can plan a pogo stick routine for a talent show and amaze the audience with their sense of balance and control. Put in a few tricks, such as jumping over a chair or jumping in the figure ‘8’ to the beats of a peppy song. Let your child practice well before they perform this act.

20. Jump a rope

Who said jumping a rope needs to be boring and exhausting? Play an upbeat track, arrange some flashy lights, and jump rope to captivate an audience. Your child can do it alone or with friends, but you need to make sure they practice on location a few times before the actual show to factor in space restrictions.

21. Hula hoop

While hula hooping is typically an outdoor activity, if your child has learned the technique well, they can easily perform a hula hooping act. Make them practice different hula hooping moves, including rotating two or more hoops simultaneously without stopping before the actual day of the performance.

22. Juggle

You must have seen people juggle balls in a circus. While it seems complicated, it is not impossible to master it. It is a matter of good hand-eye coordination, and your child can get the gist of it by watching a couple of YouTube videos.

Let them start by juggling small, unbreakable items and then move on to bigger, breakable ones. They can even add or remove items while juggling.

23. Become pillow people

If your child wants to bring an instant smile to the faces of the audience, they can do a pillow dance. All they have to do is strap a pillow on their face and draw funny emojis on it. Then, they can dance or even present a skit.

24. Mimic a celebrity

Your child can talk like their favorite celebrity and copy their mannerisms for some more laughs. Practice mimicry with your child and plan a 5–7-minute routine where they can quote some of their famous lines.

25. Read a popular song in a dramatic voice

Imagine saying “My Heart Will Go On” in a dramatic manner. Let your child walk around, throwing their arms widely and reading the lyrics of a popular song. The audience is sure to burst into fits of laughter with such a dramatic delivery. Next, pick up a few popular songs and plan a five-minute routine that will have the audience shouting for more.

26. Yodel

Yodeling is a quickly disappearing art that your child can revive with an act. You may also consider synchronized yodeling. Your child can yodel parts of a song or even an entire song if they are up for it. Let your children practice well beforehand, and there are few chances of going wrong.

27. Read minds

Mind reading requires much study and dedication. However, your child can bypass all that and make a convincing mind reader by planting a few of their own people in the audience. Look up ways to present a successful mind reading show and add personal touches to make your child sound mysterious.

28. Twirling

Twirling is a beautiful form of dance that you can consider for a talent show. Select a slow, romantic song, and let your child twirl away to glory. You can consider including your child’s friends too for synchronized twirling and wow the audience.

29. Step dance

Step dancing is less of a dance and more of a stepping routine. Even if your child is not very confident about their dancing skills, they can do this activity easily. Select an upbeat number and step in time to the beats.

30. Ballet dance

Ballet dance requires serious training and total dedication. But if you feel your child can carry a ballet dance routine on their shoulders, let them go for it. They can plan a group routine as well. Ballet is an act that will amaze the audience no matter what.

31. Sing the national anthem

Nothing can rouse an audience than singing the national anthem. The best part of this act is that your child doesn’t need to spend hours practicing it. They already know it by heart, and they only need to sing it from their heart.

32. Tap dance

Tap dancing is a fun dance routine. You may add background music or let shoes do the talking. It is totally up to your child. Ask your child to include a few friends in the routine to make a better impact. Let them practice well before the actual event and tap away to glory.

33. Sing the top ten songs

If your child is good at singing, this is another activity you can arrange easily. You only have to find the top ten songs on Billboard and create a mash-up. Arrange a five-minute routine in which the songs merge seamlessly.

34. Be a ventriloquist

No matter how funny your child is, if the same words they say are said by a puppet, they will seem a hundred times funnier. Let your child learn how to throw their voice and get a puppet that they can move with their hand (a sock puppet would do too). They can get away with any amount of cheekiness when they are a ventriloquist, so keep some quips ready.

35. Balance on objects

This is another activity you might have seen in a circus. Your child can do it too. All they need is a basic scientific understanding of how the center of gravity works. Let them start by balancing on their feet, and they can slowly progress to skateboards and other objects.

36. Perform pet tricks

If you have pets that obey commands, you may consider this act. You and your child need enormous amounts of patience to get through this. Train your pets, especially dogs, to do what you want them to do. Plan a 3-5-minute routine where your child puts your pet through the paces. Keep the treats ready.

37. Mime

Miming is the process of acting out a scene with body movements and without speaking. You can select a simple scene (going to the market, doing homework, etc.) and ask your child to mime it. They get plus points if they add in something hilarious. They can even convert it into an interactive session, with the audience having to guess what they are miming.

38. Hold a fashion show

If your child loves to follow the latest fashion trends, let them participate in a fashion show. Let them decide the costumes they will be presenting. They can sashay down the runway themselves or even ask friends to model for them. Some lights and music will make the show even better.

39. Swim

If your home has a pool or if there is a common pool in your neighborhood that you can rent out, hold a swimming talent show for your children. Show some of their best underwater moves to a choreographed routine. If there are other eager swimmers, you can hold a friendly swimming competition as well.

40. Organize a band

This is a perfect act for bigger, close-knit families. Get all the relatives who play instruments or sing together and jam with them. Your child can decide who they want to jam with and enjoy while entertaining an audience.

41. Hold a puppet show

Make cute puppets at home and get set to stage a puppet show. Your child can select a well-known story or make up a new one.

42. Style hair

You can do this talent show act with your family members. If you are interested in different hairstyles, hold a hairstyling event where your family members can get their hair styled by your children. Select a theme for your hairstyles, such as braids, coiffures, office hairstyles, and party hairstyles. To ensure your children are not overwhelmed with requests, watch YouTube videos and practice them at home before holding the event.

43. Perform the knee ballet

Even if your child’s dance skills are not up to the mark, you can let them perform the knee ballet, which is fun and super entertaining. Design their leg from knee downwards in a funny outfit. You can even draw funny faces on their knees. Then, sit them on a chair, cover their upper body with a dark blanket, and let their legs do all the dancing. They can do this in a group for more laughs.

44. Cook

Television shows such as MasterChef Junior are pretty popular because people like to see little chefs making new exotic dishes and plating them in an appealing way. Your child doesn’t need to have the skills of the young chefs on the TV show, but can make something with love and serve it in an exotic manner.

45. Recite poetry

Poetry is a powerful tool for expressing your thoughts. Your child could pick from any famous poems and recite or write one of their own too. Let them talk about issues close to their heart and recite the poem with passion.

46. Perform gymnastics

Gymnastics is a combination of cartwheels, flips, and tumbles thrown together in a choreographed sequence. If your child can, they can also showcase their pole vaulting or parallel bar gymnastics skills. They need to practice the moves at home or in a gym beforehand. Add some pumping music and perform gymnastics to the beat of the music.

47. DJ

Show off your child’s superb DJ skills and get everyone grooving to the beats by holding a DJ act. Choose songs that will appeal to both adults and children. Factor in some time for requests too. Put on a spangled costume, and your child will be the star of the evening.

48. Rap

If your child is a fan of rap music and is fond of rapping at every available opportunity, try this idea. Ask the audience to provide random cues, and let your child improvise on them by creating a rap routine. You can even throw in a drummer or beatboxer to keep the rhythm.

49. Twirl ribbons

Twirling ribbons is one of the most graceful and beautiful talent show acts. Although it needs a lot of practice, it also gives a lot of leeway for mistakes. Your child can hold a long ribbon in their hand or tie a ribbon to the end of a stick. For best results, get a group of friends together for the performance.

50. Beatbox

Beatboxing will be quite a unique talent to showcase at your children’s school or family gathering. Your child will need to practice hard for this. Let them practice making different sounds with their mouth and throat and try to master making combined sounds as well. They can have everyone tapping to their beats in no time.

51. Exhibit art

If your children are into any art form, such as drawing, painting, woodwork, pottery, glass painting, embroidery, etc., you can hold an exhibition to showcase their talent. This will be a good way to encourage your child

52. Blow bubbles

Bubbles make people of all ages happy. Experiment with different solutions until you get the perfect one that makes long-lasting bubbles. Your children can use different kinds of rings and shapes to create bubbles of different sizes and quantities to the beat of some music.

53. Jump on a trampoline

If you have a picnic day planned with your family, it is the perfect time to show off your children’s trampoline jumping skills. Bounce to a rhythm before the audience. You could even consider a group trampoline jumping act that takes more practice and precision but is more pleasing.

54. Build something from LEGO blocks

This is an activity that children of any age group can participate in. Based on your child’s age and abilities, let them build something out of LEGO blocks. They can either build it live in front of an audience or build it in advance and explain how they built it and the challenges they faced. They could also create a number of pieces by following a pattern.

55. Roleplay

Your child can select any role they want and dress and act according to the role. They could even call for volunteers from the audience. For instance, if they are playing the role of a doctor, they could ask a member of the audience about their ailments and pretend to check their vitals, and so on.

56. Draw blindfolded

If your children are good at drawing, you might want them to try a hand at this to stand out from the crowd. First, they will have to decide on a picture and practice it at home by closing their eyes and checking at intervals. It requires patience, concentration, and focus, but they can master it over time.

57. Perform a play

Select a play that is short and has fewer characters, or write one yourself. It needn’t be complicated and lengthy, but it should bring out your child’s acting skills. Ask them to adopt different voices and mannerisms for different characters. They can also wear a single piece of apparel, such as a scarf, in different ways to denote different characters.

58. Build a house of cards

Building a house of cards is no mean feat. It requires loads of concentration and very steady hands. Even a strong whiff of breath is enough to topple your carefully built structure. Let your child build a tall house of cards in front of a breathless audience and watch them be amazed at your child’s skills.

59. Act out a favorite scene from a movie

Everyone has a favorite movie. Select your child’s favorite and pick a scene that they like. Act it out in front of a mirror until you are sure they get the tone and the body language right. If there are multiple people in the scene, consider enrolling their friends. Select the right costumes and get ready for the presentation.

60. Face paint

Face painting is an exciting activity that will keep the audience enthralled as your children convert a face into something completely different. They can choose their friends or ask someone from the audience to volunteer. Ensure you study which paints are non-allergic and washable before your child applies them to anyone’s skin.

61. Pen spinning

Spinning a pen around your fingers is a mesmerizing act and is sure to grab the audience’s attention. Several YouTube tutorials show how you can spin a pen and then progress to spinning multiple pens. Your child can do this act to some upbeat music.

62. Go skateboarding

If the talent show is being arranged in an open space, your child can consider skateboarding their way to popularity. Let them do some flips and jumps to the beat of some music, and the audience will be eating out of their hands. Make sure your child is adept at these skills before they perform before an audience.

63. Perform roller skating

Here is another act to perform in an open space. Your child needs proper gear for roller skating, and thus, find them well before the event and tell your children to practice skating using them. Besides skating up and down a slope, they can also slide down a railing or jump over obstacles. However, they must do these stunts only if they are highly skilled at them.

64. Perform bike tricks

If your children are performing in an open area, they can go for some bike tricks. Balancing the bike on one wheel while raising the other wheel in the air, slow cycling, and spinning are some tricks they can include in their act.

65. Graffiti show

This is a great way to display your child’s artistic skills. Graffiti is a bold form of painting often found on streets and done with spray cans. The beauty of graffiti lies in its colors and themes. Give wings to your child’s imagination with this talent show idea.

These talent show ideas for kids are guaranteed to bring out the best in children. All you need to do is encourage them to do their best in the activity of their choice. Try to make the practice sessions fun so that your children look forward to learning more and honing their skills.

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