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Why You Should Never Let Your Kids Play With The Ouija Board

I practiced the Ouija board when I was a teenager. Much later, I practiced the mediumistic pendulum which is a variant of the Ouija board. And although I am an adult and I take a lot of distance, believe me I had a lot of setbacks with these methods which developed my mediumship at high speed. Through this post I would like to explain why you should never let your children touch this “game”: the Ouija board…

Strange things

All children like weird things which give them chills. Teenagers are sometimes in search of strange things and in quest of Infinity. The simple fact to believe there’s a “life after death” and that our consciousness remains is a way of banishing death… and fear of death! I will not go, like some fundamentalist Catholics, to say that the Ouija board is a devilish invention. That’s not my point. We all have got our own free will and the essence of life is to learn to use it fine, to use it the right way… It’s a long apprenticeship made up of successes, small miracles and great loss. Acceptance of the physical departure of a loved one is the first step towards a “clean” mediumship.  The one who is not able to let his loved ones go will inevitably attract entities from the lower astral and entities linked to suffering.

Psychomotor effect? Impossible…

In the astral bubble, our vibrations attract same intensity vibrations. Love may attracts love (not always) and fear always attract bad entities. Call them what you want, you can call them “energies”, that’s all the same.

Yet I practiced different techniques to contact the deceased when I was younger and more recently.

And what I realized is there is much more than a psychomotor effect with the Ouija board or with a mediumistic pendulum… I am 40 years old and I am rather Cartesian. Yet my impressive experience with these two tools made me reconsider my position about the survival of consciousness and about life after death.

Today, in France and elsewhere, great neuropsychiatrists but also anesthesiologists assure us of the existence of a consciousness surviving after death.

How does the Afterlife work?

Months of contact with entities through these tools gave me a better understanding of how the afterlife may work. And what is surprising is that the simple laws I have been able to draw from that are exactly the same defined by all the serious practitioners I met on the spiritualist path.

About the psychic pendulum…

The psychic pendulum is a less expensive and probably more effective version of the Ouija board. When you practice the Ouija board or the pendulum you lend a part of your body to an entity. It’s exactly the same as when you practice automatic writing. The pendulum seems to me even more invasive than the Ouija board is. Two possibilities: Either you actually contact a loving deceased person whom you have known (because previously they sent you signs and therefore they have something to say to you) in this case, there is little to worry about. You still risk falling on a joker spirit or a counterfeit spirit if you do not vibrate high or if you are afraid. Second possibility: you do not know who to contact, you vibrate with curiosity and you attract to you a spirit from the lower astral who can possess your energy. Do not panic! In this case, the simple fact of examining your conscience, anchoring yourself in real life (cleaning, working, cooking etc.) and praying a lot can be enough to keep the intruder away. The problem with children is that they ignore the notion of free will and that of examination of conscience!

What is the mediumnistic pendulum?

You place the letters as well as a YES card and a NO card in a circle. You then let the entity respond like text, with letters. It is very fast. Over time the entity learns to read the questions into your mind even before you ask it aloud or even mentally… This proves that an extremely strong telepathy sets in, day after day. Part of your energy is possessed by that of the communicating entity… Note in passing that a long experience of communication is very striking for the human spirit! It’s an experience you’ll think about for the rest of your life! Is this what you want?

Without going into the extent of my findings, let me explain why you should never let your children play the Ouija board.

Troubles are coming

What follows is also valid for young adults and in general sensitive, ultra-sensitive people and people who have a lot of psychological problems. After having tested several months of recurring contacts, sometimes regenerating, other times tiring, I had to stop completely for a year, to take a step back, obtain answers to my questions from confirmed spiritualists and associations working for the mourning, but also to take a step back and train myself.

The Ouija board is above all a necromental tool. As soon as we solicit the other world, our earthly laws no longer apply. I am talking about the law of time, of linear time, but also about the mode of communication that takes place in the spiritualist bubble that we create with the Ouija board, only by thought.

A risky phenomenom

Let’s imagine… a young person has lost someone they loved: their boyfriend or a childhood friend. It is therefore out of love that he/she will try to communicate. This strong love is, however, imbued with sorrow and pain. If it is possible to attract once or twice our deceased ones who will seek to reassure you, as soon as the physical lack takes over, the vibrations will drop and the deceased ones who will come to the spiritualism session will be completely different… They won’t be your loved ones anymore… That’s a real danger! This is a physical danger but also that’s risky on the psychological aspect…

Let’s see why it is very dangerous to let children play with the Ouija board

  • Usually children do not seek to communicate with a particular deceased. They therefore leave the door open to all entities (which is never good).
  • Children are impressionable and often take everything they experience during a session at face value. At 17 I did some spiritualism sessions. At the time it seemed to me that the spirits contacted were all telling the truth… Today, at 40 years old, I am certain that we had just come across prankster spirits who were not very evil but who like to lead people into error…
  • When one fiddles with spiritualism without an initiated master, one very quickly develops a wobbly mediumship. The spirits then invite themselves into the dreams, at home by knocking and moving some items, in mediumistic dreams. After my last communication sessions, I saw 2 people on my stairs. These are people who were with me in the college. So I Googled them… Both had just passed away… This kind of embarrassing mediumship tends to grow faster than good mediumship (that of the high astral and the control of mediumistic channels).
  • When you practice the Ouija board you open doors. In the afterlife time does not exist. You can therefore be solicited by entities 20 or 30 years later… That’s what happened to me. When the canal is dug, even abandoned, it can be used by insistent spirits.

If you help one entity then others will come forward. A child cannot understand the pain of wandering souls. It is very dangerous to help them. Some wandering souls fall in love with the person who deigns to communicate with them. And then they send signs of love all day. They want you to communicate again and again… A child has an easily exploitable energy… That’s difficult to go out from that situation. I must say that some spirits seem adorable and charming. Even if we don’t see them we sometimes become emotionally attached to them.

Wandering souls need our energy to communicate and stay at our level, to grow a little energetically speaking. You are therefore the snack of low entities, even if they are not mean and even if they write you sweet nothings…

Spiritualism raises questions that will last your whole life. Imagine that the “man” I communicated with for more than a month and every day is not who I think he was? I will never know. I will never be sure. Was he my deceased, was he my loved done or just a spirit impersonating him? It is difficult to move forward with such a question… Children don’t need existencial questions…

Encouraging children to develop their mediumship is to push them towards spheres and a world which may not suit them. In reality there is no “gift of mediumship”. Only people have trained theirs! And it happens very quickly. A month of daily practice is enough to become a medium with good results. The problem is that no one teaches children or adults to turn off the floodgates! It is more difficult to shut off the valves than to open them!

Finally, death is not a game! By offering a Ouija board, you imply that it is possible for us humans to communicate with the dead. We free ourselves from death, we feel very clever to have circumvented a natural law… However, all that not being in the order of things, what we took for a blessing becomes, at a given moment , a terrible curse.

When my friend stopped communicating through spiritualism, I cried during one month while my mourning had been done for years… Imagine the effect on children… I called a spiritualist center who explained to me that a greedy inferior spirit had probably usurped the place of the latter creating what is called a “possession”. The possession ceased… 9 months later, the day I was able to resume a normal life without thinking about this traumatic experience.

Practicing necromentia requires strong protections. These are very technical visualization and anchoring exercises that children do not know… Contacting the afterlife without protection is the best way to end up in a psychiatric hospital for schizophrenia…

There are many clever games for kids and teenagers. If you really want to offer your children a Ouija board, take care to offer them at least 2 good books by Allan Kardec such as The Book of Mediums and The Book of Spirits.

About protection stones…

Some esoteric merchants sell you protection stones. When I contacted a spirit from the lower astral believe me I had an obsidian around my neck (obsidian is the ultimate stone of protection) and it didn’t help me at all… Stones have no effect on entities. It doesn’t disturb them. I believe using white sage is more efficient.

As a simple reminder, many psychiatrists have found that the practice of spiritualism during youth splits the psyche (in analytical psychology, all of the conscious and unconscious manifestations of the personality and the human intellect)…

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