When You’re Breastfeeding And Formula Feeding: Tips For Successful Supplementing

Whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding, every mom wants to give her baby the very best. But what about when you’re doing both? 

As a mom supplementing breastfeeding with formula, you have some unique concerns that moms who’ve chosen to do exclusively one or the other typically don’t. You want to get the logistics right so you don’t accidentally cause nipple confusion or reduce your own milk supply. And when choosing a formula to supplement with, you’ll likely want to look for one with immune-supporting ingredients and lactoferrin that are also found in breast milk. Enfamil Enspire checks these boxes. 

Many moms who’ve come before you have had the same concerns. They figured it out, and with these tips, you will, too! 

The Basics: Patience Is Key

Combining breastfeeding and formula can offer the best of both worlds. Breastfeeding is convenient because as long as Mom is around, Baby has a meal ready to go. And supplementing with formula makes it quick and easy to feed Baby no matter where you are. Even better, it allows partners to help out and get in some precious bonding time while also giving Mom a break.

When you decide to supplement with formula, remember that the best way to set yourself and your baby up for success is to take your time. Introduce the bottle slowly and without pressure on you or your baby. Experts recommend trying a small bottle of formula at a time of day when your baby is at their happiest and most relaxed. No need to mix breast milk with formula for that first attempt — if Baby doesn’t finish the bottle, you’d probably rather not have to throw out the breast milk you worked so hard to pump!

Avoiding Nipple Confusion 

If you’re concerned about nipple confusion, you can purchase bottles that mimic the shape of a breast, with a softer nipple and a flow that mimics yours. Most bottles offer nipples with slow, medium, and fast flow, so you can adjust to ensure your baby feels little difference when switching between breast and bottle.

Other things you can do to mimic the breastfeeding experience while bottle feeding are switching sides with the bottle as you would when breastfeeding, getting skin-to-skin contact, and allowing your baby to eat until they’re not hungry anymore. If you’re concerned about decreasing your milk supply, try to schedule your feedings evenly so your body stays on a regular production schedule.

Finding A Clean, Quiet Spot

We all know how people love to come over and ooh and aah at new babies (and who can blame them?), but you may feel more comfortable finding a quiet spot, away from distractions and people whose hand sanitizing procedures may not be in line with yours. Finding a comfortable, germ-free place to feed your baby while away from home has never been a cakewalk, but now that we’ve lived through a pandemic, it can feel even more pressing. You can also choose a formula like Enfamil Enspire that contains Lactoferrin‡, a protein found in colostrum and breast milk that supports the immune system — something moms are paying even more attention to these days.

At this point, you probably already have a pretty good hand sanitizing system in place. Keep that up whether you’re breastfeeding or mixing up a bottle of Enfamil Enspire. Even better if you can wash up with actual soap and water. And if your baby is new to taking a bottle, fewer distractions are best until they get the hang of it.

A Formula That’s As Close To Breast Milk As Possible

Choosing the right formula — preferably one as close to breast milk as possible — goes a long way toward bolstering your confidence as a mom who breastfeeds and supplements with formula. (We really need a catchier name for this club!) Enfamil Enspire is that formula. It’s Enfamil’s closest formula to breast milk, with five important nutrient benefits that support healthy development, including immune health, gut health, motor skills*, attention span**, and language development†. Enspire’s prebiotic blend supports baby’s immune system and is even clinically proven to promote gut health. It really is the perfect partner for moms who choose the “let’s do both!” feeding routine. 

Everybody and their yoga instructor has an opinion when it comes to “the right way” to feed your baby. For a whole host of reasons, combining breastfeeding and formula can be an excellent solution for many families. Just remember that you and your doctor are best equipped to make decisions about the best options for your family and that a happy, healthy baby is always the goal. 


For tips, discounts, and free gifts, sign up for Enspire Family Beginnings today. Enfamil Enspire is Enfamil’s closest formula to breast milk. It offers 5 important nutrient benefits in one formula to support the overall health and development of your baby including immune and gut health, language development†, motor skills*, and attention span**. You can learn more about Enspire here.


None of the statements contained in this article have been reviewed by a Physician. This information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only.


* At 18 months

** At one year of age

† At 12 months

‡ Added as an ingredient


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