The First Year: Talking With Jasmine And Brian About Baby

Join as we check in with Jasmine, Brian, and 9-month-old baby Moriah.

Last time we checked in with Jasmine, Brian, and baby Moriah, we learned about the young family’s adjustment to getting back to work with a new baby in the mix. They figured it out, even if that meant baby Moriah “participated” in a Zoom meeting here and there. And Jasmine told us that she and Brian are learning to trust their parental instincts as they realize they truly are the experts in their own journey.

Jasmine also told us about baby Moriah’s “clockwork” feeding routine. Jasmine had originally planned to breastfeed, but health issues that arose early in her pregnancy meant she would need to exclusively formula feed. After lots of research, Jasmine decided that Enfamil Enspire was the right choice for her baby as Enfamil’s closest formula to breastmilk.* Moriah is still using the same formula today! We’re grateful to this beautiful family for partnering with Scary Mommy and Enfamil Enspire so that our readers can get an honest look at what it’s like to be new parents. This is part three of their story.

What has it been like to watch Moriah grow, move around on her own, and start to communicate? Has anything surprised you?

Moriah has begun to crawl/leap. She started with rocking back and forth, and now she does this cute thing where if she is crawling to reach something, she will crawl a little and reach to see if she is close. Then she will crawl a little more and reach to see if she is closer. And once she feels she is close enough, she just leaps to grab what she wants! While it is just so comical and cute, we have concluded this is likely Moriah’s version of “working smarter, not harder.”

What has surprised us most is how she does things on her own time and in her own way. For instance, we read that babies should have belly time. Our support circle often cited the same reasoning. So we placed Moriah on her tummy, and each time, she would scream and not enjoy it. We were concerned that without this convincing, she would never do it. Until one day she just turned on her own and remained on her belly on her own accord, having the most fun. When we attempted again to place her on her belly, she became fidgety and turned herself back around. We came to terms — it’s about her comfort and desire as she learns about her body and ways of using it. And it’s a lesson we are taking with each milestone and self-checking our expectations. 

Moriah communicates with us physically too, using her own kind of sign language. She will place her hands in her mouth when she is hungry and lifts her leg in a diaper changing position when requesting to be changed. If we miss the physical cue, she has different little noises to indicate each request. It has been a lot of fun decoding her messages. 

How have things been going with Enfamil Enspire? How does Dad get involved in feeding time?

We have incorporated purée into Moriah’s feeding, and the introduction of solid food has been a journey of its own. Moriah is very expressive about her likes or dislikes. It’s clear her taste buds are defined, and Moriah reassures us of that. While we are feeding with Purée in some feeds, we continue to [formula] feed Moriah Enfamil Enspire. It gives us peace of mind to know that she’s getting the nutrients that she needs to grow big and strong.

Moriah’s feeding timeframe has not changed — including her 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. wake up to feed. These hours of the night are especially where Dad continues to be the primary feeder, and he prefers it that way. It is without question that Moriah is aware it’s Daddy time; moreover, their bonding time. Through bottle feeding he is able to look at Moriah directly face-to-face, eye to eye, and she glares right at him and shares her smiles with him during the feed. She then lays comfortably on his legs back to sleep once full. This is the nightly routine — this is their daddy-daughter time. 

No doubt Moriah is starting to become more mobile these days. What’s that like? Have you had to do a lot of baby-proofing yet?

Moriah is definitely more mobile, and we are surprised at how quickly it shifts and evolves from one day to the next. Moreover, the speed she goes has caught us off guard — she surprises us each time! It’s exciting but a rude awakening at the same time. 

While she is not yet walking from one room to the next, we have come to learn it can happen at any moment, and she is very curious about everything she sets her eyes on. So, we have begun to purchase items to proof the doors and the cabinets. We are also using mats and gates to set safe parameters for when she is crawling or having her floor time.

Last time we spoke, you told us Moriah had been teething. How many teeth does she have now? Does teething interfere with her sleep or eating? How do you help keep her comfortable?

We often joke about how Moriah has been teething for what feels like forever and yet still has no teeth — not one tooth! We can feel the sharpness of them almost coming, but almost is all it remains. We’re hoping they come soon as she is expressive about the discomfort her gum causes. She cries or screams or rubs her mouth. It’s so difficult to see her in that much discomfort. There are even times during her feeding that unless we soothe her gums, she is unable to drink or eat. Family and friends have all provided tips on different home remedies to help support the soothing of her gums. From a wet cloth passed onto her gums to cooling gadgets or toys she can bite on — all are helpful each time. 

What’s your favorite thing about this age? What do you look forward to most in the months to come?

We love everything about Moriah in this age — even the “lessons learned” moments. Her ability to recognize us is by far our most favorite thing! She sees us come home from work and just leaps with joy and laughter. We love how she reaches out her arms to let us know she wants us to carry us. It’s her choice to reach out to us, and that’s what makes it all the more sweeter. 

We are looking forward to the verbiage that will go along with each of her facial expressions. Each of Moriah’s facial expressions tells a story all its own. We are more and more curious to know the thoughts in Moriah’s mind. It is clear her mind is forever going as she becomes more and more curious each day. 


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*None of the statements contained in this article have been reviewed by a physician. Please visit the Enfamil site for further information about the ingredients in this formula.


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