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Pregnant Women, How To Avoid Catching A Common Cold On The Plane?

A common cold is not a big deal. But these days and especially if you are pregnant, it will still require you to get a Covid test. It could even, if you cough a lot, trigger or amplify the usual contractions, those of training…

Everyone knows that even in early pregnancy there are small and rare contractions of the uterus. They are functional. Your body is just getting ready for the big day. But a common cold may trigger a series of larger contractions, which is never fine.

It is also not very good for a pregnant woman to frequent places potentially loaded with Covid as screening centers can be.

During long-haul flights it is not uncommon to catch a cold. And even if it is not the Covid and it is not serious, it still presents many inconveniences for a pregnant woman. In addition, the flu can also be there, on planes. Travelers are tested for the Covid but nothing about the regular flu which may be worse again…

As a great traveler, today I share with you my advice to avoid catching the famous “airplane cold” while you are pregnant…

First tip: Even if you are traveling in summer, do not hesitate to multiply the layers of clothing. Even for a two-hour flight you should avoid traveling in a light dress and small jacket. The air renewal system and the air conditioning of the plane always immerse you into a fresh or even a cold atmosphere…

If you are going to an exotic country with high temperatures you can wear a loose light top then over it a larger T-shirt, a sweatshirt and a perfecto style jacket or a denim jacket. Arrived at your destination you will remove the t-shirt and the sweatshirt. Also remember to bring a pair of thick woolen socks, a fairly thick and large scarf and a not too tight cap that will allow you to hide your ears. If you are pregnant, avoid tight pants and remember to walk down the aisle of the plane once an hour to avoid the risk of phlebitis!

Second advice: Have a saline solution for the eyes in your bag. The air is dry on the plane and if a virus passes through there your defense will be lowered if your eyes are dry. So remember to put a few drops of serum in your eyes once an hour.

Also carry a seawater nasal spray. If the air is dry and your nose is too, you might catch a cold.

Normally if you direct the air above you towards your face it will sweep away the germs but on the other hand youmay get a conjunctivitis or even an ear infection. This is why you must cover your ears (light headband or cap). However, do not hesitate to wear a pair of sunglasses. This is also practical for sleeping and will protect your eyes from drafts. Absolutely do not wear contact lenses on the plane. If they are needed to get to the airport, take them off as soon as you get to your seat, once the tablet has been disinfected.

Third advice: Drink enough! Don’t let your body become dehydrated during the flight!

Fourth tip: Take disinfectant wipes with you and disinfect, as soon as you take your seat, the tablet in front of you, the armrests but also the window, especially if you tend to lean on it. Also take the disinfectant wipes to the toilet! Disinfect everything: the bars, the handles, the toilet seat… They are breeding grounds for germs propelled towards your face.

Fifth advice: Ask for another seat if you are next to a sick person. Explain that your immunity is low. If you are near someone with a cold you are sure, on a long flight, to catch it too!

Sixth tip: Wear your anti-microbial mask even if it is not mandatory. I advise you to wear an FFP3 mask during arrival and departure when you are confronted with standing passengers, and a more classic blue mask during the trip once you are in your seat.

Seventh advice: Use the hydroalcoholic gel as soon as you touch something but do not forget to wash your hands with hot water and soap when leaving the toilet because the gel is not efficient enough on some other viruses.

Last advice: Do not use the blankets and cushions provided by the airline. Have a big bag with your own clean blanket and your own pillow. If you have several planes to take, provide paper pillowcases to change them regularly.

With all these advice, you shouldn’t catch the famous plane cold. Also remember to relax and rest because stress does promote colds!

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