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Parenting Tips: How To Be A Stress Free Mom |

Being a stress-free mom is easier said than done. We all hear so many parenting tips on how to be a stress-free parent, but we don’t know if what we are doing is right or not.

Sipping Thoughts hosts, Sukirti Gupta, Meeta Gutgutia and Tina Walia in an exclusive conversation with parenting coach and author Lahar Bhatnagar as they share parenting advice. Lahar is the author of the book – 100 Ways To Be Stress-Free Mom.

Is there a hack for parenting? Is there a parenting advice that works for everyone equally well? Is there a yardstick to judge your parenting style? All this and much more is being discussed with our Parenting expert Lahar Bhatnagar.

Lahar shares 5 Parenting Tips on how to be a stress-free mom. These smart, practical tips are easy to follow and would well into your parenting style.

Lahar Bhatnagar is a parenting coach and an international author. She is a certified parenting coach from International Association of Certified Coaches, USA. She has studied Developmental Neuroscience (development of the brain in a fetus) and has some great international papers and research to her credit. Because of her training in science and research, she is not just a parenting expert, but a scientific parenting expert!


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