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Halloween Care Package Ideas for Your College Kid

When my daughter went to college and I was faced with an entire calendar year of holidays she’d miss out on, I knew there was only one solution: I’d have to get the holiday to her.

Sending your college kid a quick, surprise care package box with a few random snacks, or mailing an actual card at random intervals throughout the year is always appreciated (getting actual mail is ridiculously exciting for them.)

When a special occasion is in play, it’s time to step up to the big leagues. Here are ideas for a Halloween care package with both small treats and seasonally-inspired presents, too.

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Halloween college care package ideas 

College kids love Halloween. Regardless if they are away at school or taking classes at home, give them a little lift by celebrating this holiday with a festive care package.

Candy and Snacks

If you’re sending candy, make sure to buy in large quantities, like this big bag of Hershey’s chocolates so they can share with everyone around them.

chocolates chocolates

KIND bars and snacks

If you’ve not seen the wide array of bar and snack options that KIND offers, take a look now and create a custom snack care package with our favorite brand of health bars.


Cookies by Design cookies

You might know Cookies by Design for their cookie arrangements of large, iced sugar cookies, but did you know they also deliver red velvet, chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, and oatmeal raisin plus decadent chocolate and millionaire cookies?

cookies cookies


Jack’O Lantern

A big light-up pumpkin is perfect for your kid who LOVES Halloween. This battery-operated and makes spooky sounds, too.

jack o lantern jack o lantern

CorningWare Mug with Ventilated Lid 

CorningWare stoneware mugs can go in the microwave, dishwasher, freezer or oven. Plastic lids are BPA free and are perfect for dorm microwave cooking. Comes in sets of two so your student can share with a roommate.

corning ware mug corning ware mug

Halloween String Lights

String lights are one of the easiest types of instant decoration for a dorm or bedroom.  If for the dorm, make sure they are allowed.

Halloween string lights Halloween string lights

Lightweight décor for dorm room, like these signs

Fun signs for a dorm door.

Yellow caution tape

Another instant decoration, yellow tape is a classic for Halloween decor.

caution tape caution tape

Glow in the dark wall decals

These may never come down, even after Halloween is long gone.

wall decals wall decals

Yoda Chia pet

While not exactly a pandemic puppy, this cute Chia pet will thrill the Star Wars fans.

chia petchia pet

Costumes and Halloween-ready outfits


Target has a large selection of adult asks from the elaborate to the minimalist.

Halloween masks Halloween masks

Face make-up

We saw teens create incredible artwork during the spring and summer as they were locked down during the pandemic. This makeup set looks perfect for artistic college students who want a unique Halloween look.

face masks face masks

Inexpensive wig

These come in a dozen colors and are well-priced for Halloween.


OPI black nail polish

OPI black polish is a nice touch for the holiday.
black nail polish black nail polish
Jack’O Lantern t-shirt

Wear jeans or leggings, add this t-shirt, costume’s done. Halloween t-shirt Halloween t-shirt

Black Jumpsuit

This adorable jumpsuit from Athleta can be dressed up or down. Adding a jacket will keep your daughter warm on Halloween and throughout the fall.

black jumpsuitblack jumpsuit

More gift ideas

Halloween Mad Libs

I hope our kids never grown out of having fun with Mad Libs and this one, for Halloween, is perfect for a college care package.

Halloween mad libs Halloween mad libs

Allbirds running shoes

Allbirds is our favorite brand of shoes and NOW, they sell running shoes for men and women.  This color is called “burst” – it might just be our new favorite hue.

Allbirds Allbirds

Face masks

Herschel also makes these fitted, adjustable masks with pockets for filters. Here are just some of the colors available.

face masks face masks

Notes to self socks

This is our very favorite sock company for two reasons – the socks are cushioned without being too bulky and each one has a different inspirational word. “Brave” seems pretty perfect for Halloween 2020.

orange socksorange socks

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