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Favorite Brands Now Discounted for Your Post-Holiday Shopping

Gifts have been opened, wrapping paper discarded and order restored (well not really) but maybe soon. Now is the time to pick up some really great deals on the items that you really wanted, but didn’t get.

online shoppingonline shoppingSome of your favorite brands on sale (Twenty20 @sijiaw)

Favorite brands with post-Christmas clearance sales

Some of our most popular items this year came from Lululemon which has deep discounts on leggings, tops, and sweatshirts because “they made too many.” Another great workout clothing site is Alo Yoga and now they’ve got some of their best apparel on sale. Another alternative is The Girlfriend Collective which turns old water bottles into comfortable, gorgeous clothing. Follow our link for 50% off of select styles. 

Nordstrom is a perennial favorite with our readers because of its terrific customer service and a great selection of merchandise. This year was no exception. Here is the sale they’ve got going on right now, with some items slashed by as much as 50%. And Bloomingdales has some great items as much as 60-70% off.

Everyone loved Everlane and right now their The Goodbye 2021 Event is running they’ve got lots of sale items with some up to 60% off. At Madewell, enter BYE2021 and get up to 30% off on jeans and tops.

Etsy was another favorite site for our buyers. Our readers LOVED this Zodiac ring by Caitlyn Minimalist. If you order now, you save 25%. And don’t forget another one of our most popular gifts, the Smiley Face Slippers. If you order now you can be sporting them by New Year’s Day. 

In the cosmetics area, we looked for two things — something that our daughters will love and items that are great for our more mature skin. Our readers recommended Glossier for the teens and young adults, especially this wildly popular Nightstand Duo which was $30 and is now $22. This trio of skin-saving salves has a great consistency and light fragrance that is fantastic — now for $30. For mom or really anyone, Keihl’s Creme De Corps is the perfect body lotion.

Bandolier carries a wide array of leather goods, perfect for your young adult, and right now they have some really great merch, up to 80% off.

Another retailer that knew exactly what we wanted was UGG, so comfy and so warm —ahhhh. Here’s the link to their new markdowns. You can’t go wrong with their slippers or their boots. Stock up on your Bombas socks: many styles are bundled and 15% off.

Don’t forget your fur children. Chewy is having a great year-end clearance.

Project Repat T-shirt quilts may be the #1 gift Grown and Flown parents love to give their teens, especially those going off to college. Prices are going up in 2022 so TODAY (12/28) lock in current pricing and save 40% with code LASTCHANCE21

More stores we love with clearance sales

Do you love Target as much as we do? Here’s where you can find the Target post-Christmas sales.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a one-stop-shop for anything fitness and sports-related. Check out their clearance site for up to 50% off.

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean that our gift-giving ends. Uncommon Goods is our favorite place to buy unique gifts for everyone and now, save up to 50% off.

Pottery Barn Teen has some of the most well-made and designed furnishings for teens and young adults. If you have a teen heading to college in the fall to live in a dorm or apartment, shop their Warehouse Sale to find basics your college student will need and cute decor pieces they will love. Save up to 70% and free shipping with code COZY (some restrictions.)

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