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Family Game Night 2021: The Ultimate List of Games

Parents are always searching for ways to spend low-pressure, quality, fun time with our kids and family game night is the perfect answer. We made selecting the right game for your family easy with our crowd-sourced list of the ultimate family game night games.

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Favorite Games to Play on Family Game Night

Monopoly Fortnite

What could be more thrilling for your Fortnite-obsessed kids than to discover that Monopoly has a Fortnite edition?
Family game night games Family game night games


Many of our readers highly recommend this award-winning, 8 player game. 

Family game night gamesFamily game night games

What Do You Meme?

Of the almost 30 thousand people who bought this game, 81% gave it 5 stars. This game come recommended as addictive and hysterical. 

Family game night gamesFamily game night games


5 Second Rule Game

This game is simple, fun and adaptable to any age group.

Family game night gamesFamily game night games

Arcane Wonders Sheriff of Nottingham

Easy to understand and quick to play, this game is great for families.

Family game night gamesFamily game night games


This was another crowd favorite, mentioned by many of our parents as a great family game. Five star reviews for this game. 

Family game night gamesFamily game night games


My family discovered this one about ten years ago and we’ve been playing it ever since. Like scrabble without the board-it’s quick, easy to learn and fun to play for an impromptu family game night. 

Family game night gamesFamily game night games


Phase 10

Another great game to play with teens; there is some luck, some strategy and lots of fun.

Family game night gamesFamily game night games


Two to six people can play this creative-thinking game, also mentioned numerous times by our readers as a great family game.

Family game night gamesFamily game night games

Apples to Apples

One of my personal favorites. This game can be played with up to ten people and as few as four. It’s just fun and can be played in 30 minutes when you only have time for a quick family game night, and the younger kids can play.

Family game night gamesFamily game night games

Are You Dumber Than A Box of Rocks

Trivia game for ages 12 and up. It’s you against a box of rocks. Let’s see how that goes.

Family game night gamesFamily game night games

Magic The Gathering

This is a card game that my teen and his friends will play for hours. Think: old school “Dungeons and Dragons” without the dice and much more hip.

Magic the Gathering 2021Magic the Gathering 2021

Monopoly Deal

Let’s face it: we all love Monopoly but no one has time for the board game version because it’s endless. Monopoly Deal is the perfect way to play Monopoly: it’s a fast paced card game version. But don’t worry: you can still own Boardwalk and Park Place.

Family game night gamesFamily game night games

Exploding Kittens

The game is wildly popular and we think it must have something to do with the title – kittens? exploding?

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