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42 Christmas Gifts For Her: Teens and College Students (2021)

We have absolutely fallen in love with Kyle Cavan, whose collegiate jewelry pieces are elegant and true keepsakes. They have chosen iconic buildings and retro logos to create lovely necklaces, bracelets, and more. Your college daughter will LOVE this.

8. Lap Desk

This lap desk comes with a ledge to keep her laptop from slipping, and a space for a mousepad and phone holder. This well-priced desk is available in six colors.

lap desk lap desk

9. Heated Sherpa Blanket 

This heated blanket from Sunbeam is ideal for staying extra warm during the winter months. With three heat settings and an auto-shut-off function, it is also machine washable.

heated blanket heated blanket

10. Do Your Laundry

This is our very favorite book to give any adulting teen. Filled with practical, and very funny, advice from author-illustrator Becky Blades to her two daughters, this is a perfect gift for your own daughter this Christmas.

Do Your LaundryDo Your Laundry

11. invisaWear Safety Enabled Accessories

Sending a daughter off to college is a scary feeling for most parents but sending her off with one of these ingenious safety devices can make both daughters and parents feel more assured.

Launched in 2018 by Rajia Abdelaziz, who was motivated by an episode where she felt unsafe, the powerful safety mechanics are disguised in keychains, bracelets, necklaces, hairbands and scrunchies. Download the app, pair jewelry and phone, select five people who will be notified if the device is activated. A 911 and ADT feature is FREE and also available.


12. Light Therapy Lamp

Winter days are short and can be dreary and we leave the house fewer times, especially when we work or study at home. This light therapy lamp is the #1 recommended lamp by the New York Times, CNN, USA TODAY, and others and will provide simulated sunlight in a healthy way. Adjustable stand and two light settings.

light therapy light therapy

13. Mini Fridge for Make-Up or Snacks 

If there is a cuter fridge out there, we have never seen it! The Cooluli is portable, runs on AC or DC, and can even be plugged into a car. It also operates as a warmer. Great to keep at a study or work-from-home space, to grab a snack between zoom events. Available in many popular colors.

mini cooler mini cooler

14. Lokai Bracelets

We think these simple bead bracelets are lovely and when we read about the founder’s story and saw how many bracelets he created to honor and contribute to worthy charities, we were even more excited to feature them on this Christmas Gifts for Her list.

Use code word GROWNANDFLOWN on checkout for 20% off as we are Ambassadors.

lokai bracelets lokai bracelets

15. Glossier Cloud Paint

Glossier is a favorite cosmetics line and this unique blush, “cloud paint,” is something any teen or young woman would love to try. Available in six shades.

Glossier cloud paint Glossier cloud paint

16. Glossier Skin Salve

In the winter, especially in cold, dry climates, we need a thicker moisturizer for skin and lips. Glossier has many scents and colors to choose from in their Balm Dotcalm line.

17. Terry Jogger and Hoddie

We are in love with Everlane and think these Terry joggers and matching hoodies look like the sort of thing teen girls would want to live in all holiday long. Look for them in the Everlane Lounge Shop. Available in plum, green, and this red, known as “cayenne.”

Terry joggersTerry joggers

18. Himawari Waterproof Laptop Backpack

This super-functional, well-priced, and adorable laptop backpack has loads of interior pockets which will appear to any girl who values a well-organized design. It’s available in dozens of color and size combinations, too.

Himawari backpackHimawari backpack

19. Faherty Clothes and Accessories

If your daughter loves checking out newer brands with unique apparel, Faherty is a great site to shop for clothes and accessories that she won’t see anywhere else.

This cute waffle sweater is made from a soft wool blend and would be adorable to wear to brunch with friends or curled up on the couch with a good book.

Faherty sweaterFaherty sweater

20. The Comfy

What is it about these oversized lounging hoodies-personal blankets that have become so appealing to our teens and college students? Maybe it’s that Comfys are the security blankets that we could all use for the 2021 holidays!

women in comfywomen in comfy

21. OOMBRA Bra

This comfortable bra for your teen was developed by a pediatrician when she realized what her young patients needed. Available in multiple colors and prints with two strap styes, the OOMBRA comes in six sizes.


22. Air Purifier

Cleaning the air of dust mites, mold spores, allergens, odors, pet dander, and smoke, the Levoit air purifier is a top pick for small spaces.

Levoit air purifierLevoit air purifier

23. Camera Style Crossbody

Inspired by camera bags, these new crossbody bags are available in 10 trendy shades. They have 3 outside zippered pockets and two interior compartments making it easy to keep phones, wallets, keys, sunglasses and more easily accessible.


crossbody bag crossbody bag

24. Kendra Scott Jewelry

We are loving the beautiful jewelry pieces we see at Kendra Scott. Find bracelets, earrings, necklaces that you can customize with different stones and metal selections. Shop the KS gift guide here.

Kendra ScottKendra Scott

25. Olay Facial Electric Cleansing Brush

This popular and well-reviewed facial brush is suitable for any skin type and can deep clean by unclogging pores and removing make-up residue. With two intensities, it can be used as both a cleanser as well as a way to intensify a moisturizer.

Olay facial cleaning BrushOlay facial cleaning Brush

26. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Your daughter will be thrilled when she opens a package to discover a Hydro Flask water bottle inside. It is our favorite brand for water bottles and they are available in a wide range of pretty colors, sizes and styles.

hydro flask hydro flask

27. Allbirds Shoes

We love these shoes, our kids love these, too. We include them here as holiday gifts for girls but they are great for any family member. They come in lace-up, pull on and boot styles in loads of amazing colors. Allbirds now has running shoes that are perfect for both everyday wear and working out.

Allbirds slip onsAllbirds slip ons

28. Allbirds Clothing

Allbirds has launched an apparel line that includes t-shirts, sweaters, puffer jackets, and more, all amazingly popular just like their off-the-charts successful shoes. Now shop for socks, undergarments, apparel all at Allbirds.

all birds wool cardigan all birds wool cardigan

29. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have big fans who credit them with much better sleep. They are available in numerous colors, weights, and sizes.

weighted blanket weighted blanket

30. Fuji Mini Printer

This is an easy way that your daughter can print photos from her phone by using Bluetooth. This printer is also perfect for hanging up photos on string lights.

fuji mini printerfuji mini printer

31. Uniqlo Lightweight Down Jacket

Uniqlo has made ultra light down jackets, cardigans, and vests for more than a decade which speaks to their great combination of functionality, style, and price points. We love all the different styles and colors.

down jacket down jacket

32. Cosmetics and Jewelry Organizer

This beautiful travel case is an ingenious way to organize jewelry and cosmetics and store them all is one space when you are on the go. Made of vegan leather, it is available in seven colors.

travel makeup case travel makeup case

33. Silicone AirPods Pros Case Cover

Don’t forget to add a protective case cover like this one, available in many colors, that will help keep the case (and AirPods inside) from being scratched or damaged.

Air Pods Pro coverAir Pods Pro cover

34. Orolay Down Coat

We cannot begin to explain how or why this coat became a viral sensation two years ago but, take our word for it, it won the Internet then and remains popular. Lucky for parents, it is a fraction of the cost of the high end jackets (hello, Canada Goose) and comes in 13 colors.

down coat down coat

35. Car Phone Holder

More than anything, we want our teens to be safe, especially when they’re driving. This very-popular phone holder sticks on the car’s dash or window and can be adjusted to an angle that makes it easy for your daughter to use her phone hands-free.

phone holder for car phone holder for car

36. Pura Vida Bracelets 

These trendy bracelets are made by artisans all over the world. Create unique combinations of jewelry that feature your daughter’s favorite colors.

Pura Vida bracelet Pura Vida bracelet

37. Hair Dryer/Styler

This hair drying tool by Revlon has become a favorite in the Grown and Flown community and here’s why — you can dry your hair in less time than with a conventional blow dryer and shape it with the built-in round brush as you dry it. Your daughter will love this new dryer and it might not be something she would splurge on herself — a perfect gift.

blow dryer styling brush blow dryer styling brush

38. Wireless Earbuds

This is the #1 tech gift that teens are asking for this year and this pair, the Jabra Elite 75T, gets the highest marks from reviewers. Once charged, they will last for over 5 hours. These fit snugly in the ear and are excellent for working out.

wireless earbuds wireless earbuds

39. Phone Charging Stand

Resting your phone for a quick charge is so much easier than finding a cable to plug it in. This Welkin stand is well-priced and will become her favorite way to give her phone a boost of power.

Belkin stand Belkin stand

40. Everlane Sweater

Everlane is an online store with a fantastic shop in Manhattan. It’s always been one of our favorite spots to buy classic pieces (for guys or girls), including this sweater in lovely cobalt blue.

41. External Battery Charger

There is NO better safety device for your daughter than a charged phone and this one is exceptional. It’s high-speed, lightweight, and compact.

anger small chargeranger small charger

42. Socks with a Message 

Notes to Self socks offer words of encouragement and are available now in pretty gift boxes. Who wouldn’t love comfy, new and matched socks, especially when they provide a little inspiration to get you daughter’s day off to the right start?

socks socks

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