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28 Favorite College Care Package Ideas for Guys

As the parent of both a daughter and a son who are students, I can say without hesitation that it’s much harder to come up with college care package ideas for guys than it is for girls.

If you’ve struggled like me, walking past fuzzy socks, cute hair ties, and nail polish in frustration, here are some care package ideas that will make a young man smile (and hopefully call home!) with gratitude.

And, if you are looking for care package ideas for girls, here are our favorites.

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College care package ideas for guys

  1. Noise-cancelling earbuds

Having a way to shut out a noisy roommate or loud hallmates is a necessity and these EarFun earbuds are highly-recommended as among the best in their price point.

earbuds earbuds

2. Anker headphones

These wireless, over-the-ear headphones by Anker get great reviews and are very well priced.

anker headpones anker headpones

3. College gear

Fanatics is the #1 site for college gear with more than 500 schools represented.  Also, if your son is a fan of any pro teams, look here first for clothes, shoes, dorm decor, and more.

college t shirt college t shirt

4. YETI mug

YETIs have cult-like popularity and a personalized mug with your son’s initials and/or college logo would be amazing.


5. CampusCube – G&F Care Package 

G&F and CampusCube teamed up to create a care package for your student with a note of encouragement. This variety pack of snacks has enough for him to share with new friends in the dorm. Save $5 on any care package or 10% on 3 or more with discount code: GF5

Campus Cube care package Campus Cube care package

6. Face coverings

Fanatics is the place to shop for face coverings that your son can wear with his college team logo.

college face coverings college face coverings

7. College branded Nike shoes

While you are on the Fanatics page, take a look at the NCAA Nike branded shoes for these universities — Alabama Crimson Tide, Florida State Seminoles, Clemson Tigers, Florida Gators, Georgia Bulldogs, LSU Tigers, Tennessee Vols, UNC Tar Heels, Arizona Wildcats, Oklahoma State Cowboys, Oregon State Beavers, Oregon Ducks, Texas Christian University, Texas Longhorns, Southern Cal Trojans, Arkansas Razorbacks, Kentucky Wildcats, Michigan Wolverines, Ohio State University Buckeyes, Oklahoma Sooners, Colorado Buffaloes, Arkansas Razorbacks, Missouri Tigers, TCU Horned Frogs, Penn State Nittany Lions, Michigan State Spartans, West Virginia Mountaineers.

If your son is a student — or merely a big fan — you will want to check these shoes out as a special college care package gift.

NCAA nike shoes NCAA nike shoes

8. Adidas shoes

Adidas has a small line of NCAA shoes with these colleges — South Carolina Gamecocks, Auburn Tigers, Wisconsin Badgers, Texas Tech Raiders, Navy, Notre Dame Irish, Maryland Terrapins.

Adidas NCAA shoes Adidas NCAA shoes

9. The Comfy 

The incredibly-popular wearable blanket, The Comfy, is a campus-favorite and is available in a wide range of colors. This may be your son’s favorite gift all year long.


10. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

If you’ve ever picked this magical stuff up, you know how fun and therapeutic it is. Great for fidgeting with while studying or just contemplating life. It comes in all kinds of cool colors, and in regular and mini sized tins. This is one of the most often-recommended items for college care package ideas for guys.

thinking putty thinking putty

11. Lip balm

Jack Black is our favorite brand for lip balm (we like it for ourselves) and the entire product line has great skin care products, too. Very popular for guys.

lip balmslip balms

12. Carhartt hat 

Fall will bring chilly days  so why not remind him to stuff a hat this like one in a coat pocket for cold morning walks across campus? This is a popular brand and it comes in dozens of colors.

Care package ideas for guys Care package ideas for guys

13. Telestrations 8 Player board game

This is one of our favorite games to play with our teens and one they can play with new friends at school.

College Care Package Ideas for guys College Care Package Ideas for guys
14. Duncan Hines mug cakes

These microwavable mug cakes from Duncan Hines are genius — just add water, stir, microwave for four minutes and enjoy a warm snack. Each box has four pouches which makes them perfect for sharing.

mug cake mug cake

15. Daelmans Original Stroopwafel with Caramel

I know, it’s a mouthful to say, but please trust me that your son needs these in his life. Yes, they’re going to cost a bit more than a bag of Chips Ahoy cookies, as they should. Thank goodness for the Dutch bakers who came up with this magical little sandwich of waffled-wafers with a buttery caramel center.

The best way to eat one is to place it on top of a cup of hot coffee – or herbal tea – for about 90 seconds, until it gets warm and melty. Unreal.

stroopwafels stroopwafels

16. Herschel duffels, toiletries bag, laptop sleeve and more

We are big fans of Herschel backpacks and wallets and now, put together your own Herschel gift box with 3 different wonderful things and save 25%.  This one, with a duffel, toiletries bag and laptop sleeve would be something your son might love to receive, especially if he is planning a weekend trip home for fall break.

Herschel bags Herschel bags

17. Harry’s Shave Kit

One unexpected expense for guys is buying razor blades as it is quite possible you have been the one keeping their shaving supplies fully stocked.  Harry’s solves the problem by sending them a razor, shave gel and replacement blades at a frequency that matches how often your son shaves.  Harry’s now has face wash, body wash, lotion and some cute accessories.

harry's shave kits harry's shave kits

18. Laundry Day t-shirt

There will come a day when your son will run out of all his clean clothes. Send him this great gag gift and he can wear this t-shirt, giving mom the credit she deserves.

laundry t-shirt laundry t-shirt

19. FlexiKold gel ice pack

Boys and injuries just seem to go together like PB and J. Why did I not think to send my son off to college with a cold therapy pack? Wishful thinking, I suppose. This gel pack is heavy-duty and sewn along the double sealed seams to prevent leaks.

It conforms to any body part when frozen, so great for use on knees, ankles, wrists and necks. Also helpful, when folded up, it’ll fit in that small freezer section of dorm-sized refrigerators.

ice pack ice pack

21. Left Center Right

It’s a few weeks into school now and your son is still looking for a way to break the ice with some of the people on his hall. This is a fun and engaging game is an easy ice-breaker.

Left Center Right Left Center Right

21. Nerf football

Your college kid absolutely needs this football to toss around with his new pals.

Care package ideas for guys Care package ideas for guys

22. Spike Ball

Wildly popular, this is a game they can play outdoors with new friends.

spike ballspike ball

23. Socks

By this time in the semester, your son has undoubtedly lost more than a few socks. Time to send replacements. Here are NIKE Crew Socks,  a set of six pair that come in three colors.

nike socks nike socks

24.Microwave pasta pot 

Eating in a college dining hall begins to lose its appeal a few months into first semester. Being able to take a break and cook something in their own dorm room will be a gift to your student. Just add noodles and water and nuke. The flexible lid’s a strainer, too, so they can drain, toss with sauce, and eat straight from the pot.

25. Small sports bag

If there is a sport that your teen can do safely now or in the future, a small sports bag to carry gear in is a great care package gift.

sports bag sports bag

26. Hydro Flask water bottle

Hydro Flask is one of the most popular brands for college kids and you can pick from many different sizes and colors.

Hydro FlaskHydro Flask

27. Collapsible popcorn popper

Use any kind of popcorn kernel in this silicone rubber bowl. This is a great, healthy snack for your perpetually hungry teen, and it folds for easy storage.

popcorn bowl popcorn bowl

28. 100 Movies scratch off poster 

Take a deep dive into movie magic with this poster that invites your teen to keep track of 100 iconic films. They can use a coin to scratch off each title and reveal surprise, movie-related artwork underneath. This is a clever way to decorate a drab dorm wall, perfect for any movie buffs.

movie poster movie poster

No matter what you end up putting in a care package for that special teen boy in your life, he’ll love the excitement of receiving a box from you and will feel all the love.

Fingers crossed for a phone call home!

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28 College care package ideas for guys. If you're looking for ideas of what to include in a college care package for your favorite college student, we promise they'll love these care package ideas. #carepackage #carepackages #carepackageideas #collegecarepackage #carepackageideasforguys

28 College care package ideas for guys. If you're looking for ideas of what to include in a college care package for your favorite college student, we promise they'll love these care package ideas. #carepackage #carepackages #carepackageideas #collegecarepackage #carepackageideasforguys

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