Why You Should Never Let Your Kids Play With The Ouija Board (2)

Yesterday my article about spiritualism and why children should never touch the Ouija Board received a spike in visits. I did not expect such an interest!

I realize, thanks to this article, that many parents have faced this problem which can quite send teenagers straight to the psychiatric asylum…

So I come back today with some extra details because I notice you are asking yourself questions not only about the issue “Who are these beings who communicate with you through the Ouija board?” but also about “How to deal with a child who has played or continues to play with the Ouija board?”

Children’s mind, imagination and memories are highly influencing and malleable

I did 3 years of Theology, so I know a little about the subject and I will try to answer your questions with my little knowledge in this field.

Children’s mind, imagination and memories are highly influencing and malleable. This is why it is not good for them to touch on an unsupervised spirituality centered on concepts which, on the one hand, are frightening and, on the other hand, are very concrete. We cannot see germs with our own eyes and yet they are able to reach us and make us suffer. It is the same for some entities.

Recently I was able to hear the conference of an exorcist from the french Catholic Church who clarified many notions concerning the entities with which one comes into contact during spiritualism sessions with a glass, a pendulum or the Ouija board.

I liked how this 80-year-old man doesn’t panic when parents come to see him about their child who has practiced spiritualism. He is very clear and gives practical advice.

To him, as long as the child has not become addicted, nothing can happen to him. He explains that we all have a will and a free will which allow us, normally, if we do not suffer from psychiatric problems, to cut short any malevolent or dangerous action.

Here is what I learned from his speech:

There is no doubt about the fact that in all the religions of the world there are some spirits, non-material entities, without physical body or astral body, which have the capacity to do good or evil. They are called by shortcut “angels” or “demons”. But we could just as well call them “good energies” or “evil energies”.

We humans were created in the image of God, like his son Jesus, with a body, a head, arms, legs…

An Analytical Capacity

The entities I talk about were created by the spirit, the “pneuma” and are therefore without biological bodies. They are, however, endowed with an analytical capacity as pure as angel’s one. They can analyze exactly what is in a glass of water (nitrates etc.) or in your blood. They analyze for a few seconds and choose whether it is good or bad. They never go back on their analysis. They do not read you but have an absolutely complete and flawless idea of ​​what you are. They know your percentage of resentment, regret, pain, grief, jealousy… And there begin the troubles…

Some of them are good and advise you to do very pure acts (like “love your family”, “take care of your children”) and never judge. During disputes they will say “You have all my understanding”. But be careful, the bad ones can also attract you with peace and love messages…

The Honeymoon won’t last long…

Others are independent and evil because totally separated from God. With them poetry, words of love and what I call the “honeymoon” will never last very long… Besides, if you get romantic and ask for a lot in return then they will get annoyed. They can declaim poems to you for days and then suddenly order you to throw yourself in the river or come join them. Separated from God from the beginning, they seek your loss, the loss of the human species they hate!

To lure you into their nets, these evil entities, these lower energies, will easily pass themselves off as someone you have known and loved. The disappointment will be endless. Imagine you think you have reunited with your tragically deceased childhood sweetheart. He serves you splendid poems every day, reminds you of good memories and suddenly he plays with you, makes fun of you and your naivety. You will then feel cheated on earth as well as in the astral sphere… People come to suicide, unable to forgive themselves for having been so credulous!

A Free Access To Your Own Personal History

Since these beings can analyze you, they have access to your own personal history. they know the friendly little names given to you by your deceased… You only see fire and yet the harder the fall will be…

Little by little by dint of practice, young people lose their free will, they rely for everything on the spirit with which they communicate. It is the beginning of the end. Most will require the intervention of an exorcist. Beyond the phenomenon of possession there are lesser ones which are still very difficult to live with, such as obsession or sublimation. If your kid cries a lot and then tells you he did some spiritualism with the Ouija board, he may be prisoner from sublimation… These tears may last for monthes.

Do Not Fool Yourself : Your Deceased Ones Are Quite Impossible To Contact!

These entities populate the subtle worlds and are always available to you unlike your deceased, who are difficult to contact. Your deceased come to you by small signs only you can understand and dreams and leave if they disturb you. But these energetic entities which work for the evil become encrusted and remain. To get rid of it you have to perform a rigorous and long examination of conscience, pray as soon as possible, do not be afraid and above all never relapse. The memory of their sweet words is heartbreaking for the one who received them. This memory amplifies guilt and damages self-esteem.

Among adolescents who know less how to take a step back, it is much worse.

Here is why it is absolutely necessary to prevent your children from playing the Ouija board or what is called “Charlie, Charlie”.

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