Raising an Ace

Parents have a duty to raise children to have positive & optimistic attitudes in life! In our next Raising an Ace video, we discuss how we are instilling positive positivity in Ace. It is so important to distinguish between unproductive positivity vs. positivity for a positive purpose – We hope we did so effectively in this video. Topics discussed include:

Not All Positivity is Positive (00:37 sec mark)
Positive Purpose Positivity (00:54)
Positivity is Your Truth (01:30)
Positive “Negative” Mindsets (02:12)
Don’t Lie to Yourself (02:35)
Positive “Negative” Emotions (02:50)
Sadness to Fuel Reflection (03:05)
Adapt Positivity Teachings (03:43)
Avoid “Low Expectation” Positivity (04:27)
Praise over Criticism (05:07)
Don’t Praise Excessively (05:18)
Optimism For Future (06:20)
Rise Through Adversity (07:10)
Limit Complaining (07:50)
Emphasize Mindfulness (08:16)
Control Negative Reactions (08:48)
Monitor Child’s Environment (10:10)
Positive Psychology Mindset (10:32)
Frame Communication Positively (10:50)
Positive Lens on Life (11:17)
Prioritize Gratitude (11:29)
Assume Positive Intentions (11:40)
Elude Negative Generalizations (12:25)
Be The Sun (12:50)
Bright up Others (13:18)

Positivity can be easily misunderstood because it’s not always positive. At times, positivity can mask real issues going on with an individual, specific situation, or more broad scale circumstance. It can also hide vulnerable, yet positive, emotions and keep someone from confronting the truth. Fake positivity can really hurt people from being their greatest self. That is why raising a child to be a specific form of positive is critical, and why it is important for parents to not just gloss over the discussion. For Ace, we want him to examine his truth: To be in touch with his feelings & flaws, and not think either are negativities to avoid. We also want him to examine everything for what it is – see the positive & the negative – and then utilize his positivity lens to adopt an optimistic outlook for the future by focusing on productive/positive strategies to overcome or improve through anything he comes across. If he does that, Ace will be the guy that people look at for comfort, inspiration, and an example on how to rise up on this journey called life. He will be able to shine his rays onto other people & maximize his positive impact on the world.

Peace, Love, & Positivity!

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