How-To Swaddle Your Newborn! All About Swaddling! Tips, Tricks &

Swaddling your newborn is one of those baby essential skills you’ll need to learn as a new parent, but it stresses people out! No stress at all I got you!! I talk about why we swaddle them, for how long do you swaddle your baby, show you different types of swaddles and their uses and then show you exactly how-to swaddle your baby! Dakota did so good with this video! xoxo

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all sorts of swaddle options you can find in my Oh Baby! List!

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3. Ollie Swaddle (last one mentioned):
4. Fleece Halo SleepSack (warmest one):
5. SwaddleMe cotton velcro swaddle:

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Disclaimer: all information shared in for educational purposes only and framed through the lens of birth in North America. Please consult with your doctor before attempting any of the suggested things. Anything mentioned in any of my videos are never to replace the advice of your doctor or midwife. Make sure to check with them before you try anything suggested in my videos and if you have any further questions. I do not give out medical advice.

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How-To Swaddle Your Newborn! All About Swaddling! Tips, Tricks & MORE! | Sarah Lavonne

Sarah Lavonne

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