75 Best Druid Names For Your Baby, With Meanings

You may have come across the word ‘druid’ while watching a fantasy show or reading a novel. According to the book, The Druids, by Nora K. Chadwick, the Druids were Celtic religious leaders who delved into magic, mysticism, and meditation (1). Some people follow druidism as a spiritual way, while some believe it to be a religion. ‘Druid’ is derived from dru (Celtic word, meaning ‘oak’) and wid (Indo-European word, meaning ‘to know’), making it mean ‘knower of the oak’ or ‘a forest sage.’

To give your little one a druid name is to associate with a mysterious yet alluring class. In this post, we have curated a list of meaningful druid names that might catch your fancy.

Druid Names For Baby Boys

1. Aglain

Aglain is known to be a powerful druid adept at the arts of healing. He is also the leader of the druids, as mentioned in the lore of King Arthur. The origin of the name Aglain is not established, but it’s hinted that it is of Moorish origins and means ‘born again.’

2. Allanon

A druid master from the novel series ‘The Sword of Shannara,’ Allanon is a character who is often compared to Merlin of Arthurian legends. In the narrative, he is shown to guide his friends on their quest for greatness. The name is of Celtic origins and roughly translates to mean ‘strong willed.’

3. Amergin

Amergin is known to be a bard and druid in the Irish mythologies. He is of royal parentage and served as the high judge in the Irish courts. This Irish origin name roughly translates to ‘birth from music’ and is a popular name in Ireland even in present times.

4. Ari

In Arthurian lore, Ari is a druid sorcerer who is an ally with Morgana, the arch-rival of Merlin the sorcerer. Ari is a name of Nordic ancestry and translates to ‘eagle.’

5. Cathbad

Cathbad is of old Germanic origins and was a name of a high-ranking druid mentioned in Irish legends. He was known for his wisdom and knowledge of herbs and potions and served as a counsel to King Conchobar.

6. Caílte

Caílte mac Ronain was a figure from the Fenian Cycle mythology and was the nephew of the epic hero Fionn mac Cumhall. It is described that Caílte got his powers after slaying werewolves. Caílte is a Gaelic origin name and means ‘powerful.’

7. Cerdan

Cerdan is a warlock and a druid master. In the legend, he is executed by King Uther, the father of Arthur. The famous druid Mordred had apprenticed under Cerdan in his early days. Cerdan is of Spanish ancestry where it means ‘wise’ or ‘prudent.’

8. Chulainn

Chulainn is an Irish mythological figure and a power druid. He is a demigod and believed to be the incarnation of the god Lugh. The name is pronounced as ‘koo-lin,’ and in Celtic origins, it means ‘the powerful one.’

9. Cian

Cian in Gaelic dialects means ‘enduring’ and ‘strong.’ Being a popular name for centuries, it is common to find many druids and bards bearing the name Cian. One of the popular bearers of the name was Cian, the son of Dian in the Fenian cycle mythology.

10. Conan

Conan is one of the highly popular names in Ireland and Scotland, and it is of a Gaelic origin. The name has a mixed parentage and means ‘hound’ or ‘wolf.’ There were multiple druids named Conan as members of the warrior band called Fianna that followed the epic hero Fionn mac Cumhall.

11. Cumhall

Cumhall is an important druid figure from the Fenian Cycle mythologies and is the father of the famous Fionn mac Cumhall. He is known to be a leader of druid warriors, called the Fianna. Cumhall is pronounced as ‘koo-aal’ and means ‘strong’ in old Irish dialects.

12. Daegal

In Arthurian lore, Daegal was a young druid from the royal city of Camelot. He was known to be brave and selfless, having sacrificed himself to save his king. Daegal is of Anglo-Saxon origin and translates to ‘dweller by the lake.’

13. Dian

Dian is of Latin origin and is the male form of the popular feminine name Diana. Dian means ‘divine’ in Latin. Dian Cecht is a mythological figure known for his healing prowess. In some cultures, he is worshipped as the God of medicines.

14. Diarmuid

Diarmuid was a warrior and one of the fiercest members of Fianna, the followers of Fion mac Cumhall. He had many druidic powers, which he utilized in battles and wars. This masculine name is of Irish origin and is anglicized as Jeremy. It translates to ‘the one loved by all.’

15. Diviciacus

Diviciacus was a druid who lived in the Burgundy region. He belonged to the Aedui tribe, and his name means ‘avenger.’ It is said that he held the senator’s position and was an influential druid master.

16. Dubthach

Dubthach in Gaelic means ‘dark-skinned.’ In druidic lore, dark skin is often associated with strong sorcery prowess and the ability to wield uncommon skills. Dubthach also showed a gentler side, having a penchant for music and poetry.

17. Emrys

Emrys is closely associated with druid lore since it was another name for the famous druid magician Merlin. It’s said that the elder Druids prophesied the birth of Merlin and referred to him as Emrys, meaning ‘the one without end.’ The name Emrys is of Welsh origin and translates to ‘immortal.’

18. Erwan

Erwan Berthou was a druidic bard and poet from the Breton region of France. His works on the druidic culture shed important light on the obscure practices of the druids. Erwan is an Irish origin name, refers to the yew tree, and means ‘archer.’

19. Finn

Finn was another name of the legendary druid hero Fionn mac Cumhall. Finn was known to be brave and led his band of warrior followers known by the name of Fianna. In Irish, Finn means ‘fair’ or ‘gentle.’

20. Fintan

Fintan, also known as Fintan the wise, was a druid seer, as mentioned in the Irish folktales. He is said to possess the ability to transform and shapeshift into animal forms. Fintan in Gaelic dialects means ‘the fair one.’

21. Fionn

The tales and legends of Fionn mac Cumhall are popular in Ireland and in Scotland and other parts of Europe. Fionn was a druid, a warrior, and an adventure seeker. It is Fion and his followers, known as Fianna, which form the prose literature called the Fenian Cycle. The name Fionn is derived from Gaelic and means ‘fair-haired.’

22. Golmac

Gilmac Morn was a member of the famous druid army, the Fianna. Although he followed the legendary hero Fionn mac Cumhall, he was at best an uneasy ally. The name Gilmac is of Gaelic origin and means ‘stronghold.’

23. Gwenc’hlan

Bretonian druid master Gwenc’hlan was a well-known bard who wrote the famous song ‘Diougan Gwenc’hlan.’ He was also referred to as Guinclaff in other parts of Europe. Gwenc’hlan in Celtic means ‘holy race.’

24. Iseldir

Iseldir was a powerful druid chieftain who guarded many druid secrets. As a seer, he was a gifted fortune teller. Iseldir aided King Arthur in keeping the realms in order. Iseldir is a Celtic origin name and roughly translates to mean ‘brave’ or ‘soldier.’

25. Kian

Kian was a druid bard in the 6th century AD Breton region and wrote several famous poems, still sung today. The Gaelic name Kian means ‘ancient.’ The name sounds modern and can be used even today.

26. Lochru

Lochru in gypsy dialect means ‘a druid seer.’ In Arthurian legends, Lochru was a druid who saved Merlin from a fatal wound. Lochru was good with potions and herb lore. However, he stayed neutral and did not take sides in the war between Arthur and his nemesis.

27. Lugh

Lugh, in Irish mythology, is the other name for the Sun God. It translates to mean ‘bright’ or ‘shiny.’ In Irish Fenian mythology, Lugh was a shy herb master and druid, good at healing and creating obscure potions.

28. Merlin

Merlin is a legendary mythical figure who appears alongside the legend of King Arthur. He is considered a powerful and wise wizard who uses his gifts for the good of mankind. The lore of Merlin is of Welsh origin, and the name means ‘fortress near the sea.’ Merlin belonged to the order of druids and trained under them before becoming a successful wizard.

29. Mogh

Mogh Ruith is a druid character in Irish mythology. What set him apart was that he was blind but wielded enormous power. He was said to have the ability to grow to a monstrous size with his magical abilities. The name is also spelled as Mug Ruith, and it translates to ‘slave to the wheel.’

30. Mordred

In druid mythologies, Mordred was a polarizing figure who, despite being good of heart, had to make some hard choices due to circumstances. Mordred is an important character in the legend of King Arthur. Mordred is derived from the Latin name Mordredus and means ‘brave.’

31. Myrddin

Myrddin is of Welsh origin and means ‘stronghold by the sea.’ It was the original name of the famed sorcerer Merlin in his early years. Myrddin or Merlin is considered one of the strongest druids and sorcerers who ever lived, and his legends are re-imagined to present times in the forms of TV shows and novel series.

32. Nuada

Nuada, also known as Nuadat, is an important figure in Irish folklore. Nuada translates to ‘cloud maker.’ Nuada as a druid was revered as the first of the Nuadat family line and produced many famed druids and warlocks.

33. Oisin

Oisin was a famous druid, bard, and poet who contributed to the literature of the Fenian cycle. His works are celebrated across Ireland and Scotland and shed light on the ways of the druids. Oisin is an Irish origin name and means ‘a small deer.’

34. Oscar

Oscar is a druid figure of the Fenian cycle works of Irish mythologies. He is the grandson of the epic hero Fionn mac Cumhall and is a fierce warrior and warlock. Oscar is a Latin derived that means ‘spear of the almighty.’

35. Ruadan

The male name Ruadan is of Irish ancestry and means ‘red-haired.’ Druids saw red hair as early sign of magical prowess, and as such, the name was popular. Ruadan was a druid warlock who was in alliance with the enemies of King Arthur.

36. Simon

Also known as Simon the Sorcerer, Simon Magus was a druid and a religious figure. Simon was considered a powerful sorcerer who could levitate at will. The name Simon is of Greek origin and means ‘flat-nosed.’

37. Tadg

Tadg mac Nuadat was a druid mentioned in the Fenian Cycle legends of Irish mythologies. Tadg possessed the power to foresee glimpses of the foresee and used that power to advise kings and rulers. Tadg, also spelled as Tadhg, means ‘poet’ or ‘bard’ in the old Celtic dialects.

38. Taliesin

Taleisin was a druid who was more popular as a bard and poet and has performed in the courts of kings. In Arthurian legends, he is also portrayed as a brave warrior who accompanies King Arthur in his adventures. This Welsh originated name means ‘shining forehead’ and means someone fortunate and looked after.

Druid Names For Baby Girls

39. Amaris

Amaris is a beautiful and modern-sounding name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘gifted by God.’ The druid Amaris is a minor character and a member of the warrior band Fianna. However, Amaris quits Fianna and leaves behind the druidic life.

40. Aoife

Aoife is a highly popular Irish name and is pronounced as ‘ee-faa’. The name goes back to centuries and means ‘beauty’ or ‘radiant.’ It was common among the warlocks and druids to name their daughters Aoife at par with local tradition.

41. Aria

The Gaelic name Aria has a soothing tone to it. This short and modern-sounding name means ‘music’ or ‘song.’ Aria is a common name throughout Europe and was also used by druids as a feminine name.

42. Becuille

Becuille is a sorcerer and druid mentioned in the Greek mythologies. She is known as a kind-hearted warlock who joined forces with two other sorcerers to take on the evil ruler of her time. The name is of Greek origin and means ‘calm’ and ‘pleasant.’

43. Bertha

Bertha was a common and popular name in the Arthurian era, and as such not uncommon for druid families to name their female child as one. Bertha is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning ‘bright one.’

44. Birog

In Irish folklore, Birog is a druidess who is known for her goodness. She is considered part spirit and part human who guides the king in making the right decisions for the sake of the kingdom’s future. Birog is a name of gypsy ancestry whose origins are vague but are agreed to mean ‘large’ or ‘strong.’

45. Bodhmall

Bodhmall is a druidess who finds mention in the Irish mythologies. She is described as a healer and a brave warrior in the legend of Fionn Mac Cumhill. The name is of gypsy origins and means ‘bright star’ or ‘guiding light.’

46. Boudicca

Boudicca in Latin means ‘victory’ and used to be a popular first name for female warriors. In druid literature, Boudicca was a member of the warrior clan Fianna that continued long after the death of the founder Fionn mac Cumhall.

47. Camma

Camma is a variant of the Latin Camilla, which means ‘religious person.’ Camma, as a mythological figure, was a Celtic druidess who assisted the druid master Tadg. The name is rare and is mostly used as a nickname.

48. Caoimhe

Caoimhe is of Irish origin and pronounced as ‘keeva.’ She is the daughter of the epic hero Fionn mac Cumhall and known for being a druidess with healing powers. The meaning of the name is ‘gentle’ or ‘precious.’

49. Dornoll

Dornoll was a famed druidess known for training young druids and warlocks. Some of the students she trained went on to become epic heroes serving the great King Arthur. Dornoll is a Gaelic origin name, which means ‘brave’ or ‘courageous.’

50. Dryad

In folklore, Dryads are spirits or nymphs that dwell in oak trees. The druids delved in all things magic and sorcery, and Dryads were of particular interest to them. It was common for druids to name their child as Dryad or sometimes Dryade.

51. Ella

Ella is a diminutive of Eleanor and is of German ancestry. It translates to mean ‘bright light.’ The name is highly popular in Scotland and Ireland and was a common nickname even among the druids of yore.

52. Emma

Emma Restall is a modern-day druid and author. Her works, such as ‘Druid Priestess’ have inspired many to follow in her footsteps, embracing a spiritual life. Her interpretation of druid culture in the modern day focuses on the care of plants and animals and guiding people through difficult times. The name Emma is of Germanic origins and means ‘of the earth.’

53. Flidais

A druidess and a goddess, Flidais is akin to the Roman Artemis. She is known for her affectionate temperament and wisdom. As a druidess, she wields the power of invisibility. Flidais in Irish translates to ‘beautiful flowing hair.’

54. Freya

Freya is a character in the legend of Merlin, the magician. She is known to have a soft corner for Merlin, whom she helped escape from fellow warlocks. She was named the ‘Lady of the Lake’ after she died on the shores of Avalon Lake. Freya from Norse origins means ‘noble.’

55. Guinevere

Guinevere is a respected figure in Irish lore and mythology. She begins from humble origins but achieves great power as the wife of King Arthur. Guinevere in Welsh roughly translates to mean ‘fair one.’

56. Isolde

Isolde is a highly popular and revered name in Irish localities. The name means ‘ice ruler,’ and people associate it with the epic character Princess Isolde of the play ‘Tristan and Isolde.’
Isolde was a druidess in the Forgotten Realms saga and was known for her benevolence.

57. Jenny

Jenny is a diminutive of the name Jennifer. It is a Welsh origin name that means ‘soft.’ Being a common name, both Jenny and Jennifer continue being popular. In Irish folktales, multiple minor characters have been found with the name Jenny.

58. Joyce

Joyce is a name of Latin origin and means ‘joy,’ but it can also mean ‘the Almighty’. The name became highly popular in the Breton region and later in Ireland. There has been mention of a druid named Joyce by St. Patrick in the Irish lore of olden days.

59. Kara

Kara was a female druid who is said to have been the childhood love interest of the famous druid Mordred, also known as ‘the young druid.’ She is well known for hating King Arthur and Merlin the magician and her attempts at killing them. The name Kara is of Italian and Latin ancestry and means ‘caring’ or ‘beloved.’

60. Keyleth

Keyleth is a druidess who also happens to be a half-elf. Keyleth is a character from the show Critical Role but has its origin in numerous druid lords of Ireland and Scotland. The name is from a made-up elven language where it means ‘courage.’

61. Liath

Liath is a member of the Fianna, who were a group of warrior druids that followed the epic hero Fionn mac Cumhall. She is in fact the foster mother and mentor of Fionn. Liath in Celtic means ‘grey’ and is often associated with wolves.

62. Lynet

Lynet, the healer, is a druidess in the fantasy series Redwood Realms. She is known for having a vast knowledge of herbs and potions. Lynet is Celtic origin name that means ‘grace.’

63. Morgana

Morgana is a name of Welsh origin and is the feminine form of the name Morgan. The name can be translated to mean ‘sea dweller’ and other similar meanings. In druid lore, Morgana is the antagonist to the great wizard Merlin, from whose hands she is finally killed.

64. Morgause

In the old Welsh and English legends and mythologies, Morgause is the half-sister of King Arthur. Morgause and her son Mordred are portrayed as the chief antagonists to King Arthur and his counsel Merlin the magician.

65. Muirne

Muirne is a female druid, as mentioned in the Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology. She is described as the mother of the famous druid warrior Fionn mac Cumhall. Her father was the famous druid warlock Tadg mac Nuadat. This female Irish name means ‘high-spirited.’

66. Niamh

The Irish name Niamh means ‘bright’ or ‘radiant’ and is pronounced as ‘Neev.’ The name is highly popular in Ireland and Scotland. It was common for Druid families to name their female child Niamh as it had the mystical sound, as favored by the druids and warlocks.

67. Ogma

Ogma is derived from the Greek name Ogham and means ‘roots.’ Ogma as a druid, was known to be well-versed in multiple languages and delved into poetry and craft. In some Welsh cultures, Ogma is also worshipped as the Goddess of literature and drama.

68. Oriana

Oriana is a Roman-originated name that witnessed popularity in present-day Italy. The name was popular among the gypsy communities, who were known to practice the druidic arts and sorcery. The name in Latin is translated to mean ‘dawn.’

69. Relbeo

Relbeo was a druidess of Greek origin. Her name in Greek translates to mean ‘red fierce,’ which was appropriate for her prowess at handling fire. In some legends, she is said to be of royal parentage and heir to the Greek throne.

70. Sadhbh

The feminine first name Sadhbh is of Irish origin and pronounced as ‘swayd.’ It can mean ‘sweet’ or ‘goodness.’ Also spelled as Sadb, the figure is admired in mythologies and described as a druid with knowledge of plants and herbs. She is also admired for her beauty and grace.

71. Sefa

Sefa, though not originally an Irish name, probably got introduced through the gypsy clans. In Irish mythology, Sefa was the handmaiden to Queen Guinevere and happened to possess druidic powers though not fully trained. The name Sefa is a diminutive of Josephine, which in Jewish means ‘pure.’

72. Sloane

Druidic lores have inspired many modern interpretations, Druid Dreams chronicles being a popular one. Sloane is the protagonist of the book series and is a druidess warrior. Sloane is of Gaelic ancestry and means ‘little raider.’

73. Tlachtga

The name Tlachtga, though found in Ireland, has its origins in the nomadic gypsy communities. The word roughly translates to mean ‘power of the earth.’ Tlachtga, in druid lore, is the daughter of druid master Mug Ruith. She was red-haired and feared by her nemesis due to her adeptness in the arts of magic.

74. Tuirne

In the Fenian Cycle mythologies from Ireland, Tuirne was the sister of druidess Muirne and aunt to Fionn mac Cumhall. Tuirne is also called ‘Uirne’ in literature. The name is of Celtic origins and means ‘thorn’ or ‘strength.’

75. Wynna

Wynna is a Welsh origin name and means ‘fair or pure.’ The name is a diminutive of the name Winona and is often shortened to Winnie too. A druidess named Wynna has been mentioned in the early literature of druidic lore.

Mythical and historical figures, including druids, wizards, and knights, give us a glimpse into the world of fantasy and adventure, which we often experience through stories and movies. A name derived from a druid would be an exciting choice for your little one in the coming years as it has a deep meaning.


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