25 Cute Baby In A Pumpkin Pictures & 11 Tips

When you have a baby, the urge to click their photographs is irresistible. You want to capture all their adorable actions to reminisce over them later. The arrival of the fall season is the perfect baby photo opportunity. The striking colors of leaves, bountiful harvest, and most importantly, the bright, huge pumpkins make for an amazing backdrop.

With Halloween just around the corner, baby photos with pumpkin as a prop can serve the dual purpose of sending fall greetings and celebrating Halloween.

Are you looking for ideas to click beautiful photos of your munchkin with a pumpkin? Read this post to learn how to click adorable baby in the pumpkin pictures and ensure the photo shoot goes as planned.

Tips For Taking Baby Pumpkin Pictures

Taking care of certain things can make the photoshoot a smooth experience. Here are a few tips to get the pumpkin baby photoshoot right.

1. Clean the pumpkin well in advance

The insides of a pumpkin are quite sticky. Babies are notorious for touching and eating everything around them. So, if you want to ensure your babies don’t eat the slimy stuff or make a mess playing with it, clean the pumpkin at least a day in advance. This will give it some time to dry out.

2. Buy a right-sized pumpkin

Choose a fresh pumpkin that is neither too small nor too big. It should be large enough to accommodate your child but small enough to ensure there is not too much room for them to move around a lot, or they won’t remain steady for a good photograph.

3. Cut the centre hole

The centre hole should be big enough to fit your little one inside comfortably. However, don’t cut off a large part, or there will be too much room for your baby to move around, and the pumpkin may end up looking like a bowl.

4. Clean the exterior of the pumpkin

The exterior of the pumpkin may have dirt and grime which may be harmful to the baby and affect the aesthetics of the photo. Wash it and dry it before setting it up for the shoot. You may have to clean it up after you carve as well to remove all the slime that has broken loose due to the cutting.

5. Store the pumpkin inside the house

The pumpkin has to be warm or at least at room temperature to be comfortable for the baby to sit in.

6. Cover the interiors of the pumpkin

Place some blankets or towels inside the pumpkin to avoid directly with the hard and grimy pumpkin interiors. You may have to add some blanket pieces to the base of the pumpkin if you want to lift your baby higher up in the pumpkin for photography purposes.

7. Take care of the background and lighting

If the weather is nice, you can also click pictures outdoors. The fall colors will add to the beauty of the pictures. Lighting plays an important role in photography. Choose a setting with good natural light. It shouldn’t be too harsh or too dim. The golden hour is the perfect time for clicking incredible pictures.

8. Set everything up beforehand

Everything should be in place before you put your baby inside the pumpkin. Make sure the background is proper, the setup is complete, the pumpkin is in place, and the camera is loaded and ready to go.

9. Prepare your baby for the photoshoot

The mood of the baby will have a huge impact on the photoshoot. If the baby is happy, it will translate into photographs. So let them take a nap, feed them well, and make sure they are comfortable when you do the photoshoot.

10. Use a rattle

One of the most challenging aspects of a baby photoshoot is to get your little ones to focus on the camera. They are restless and curious, so they stare everywhere. A rattle can be quite helpful in such a scenario. The sound of the rattle might get them to look up and smile at the camera.

11. Take help

There are multiple things involved in a photoshoot. You have to set up the camera, find the perfect location, do the setup, and ensure the comfort and happiness of the baby. It is difficult to manage everything all by yourself. You may need assistance even while setting up the baby inside the pumpkin. Ask your partner, friend, or family member for help during the photo shoot.

25 Adorable Baby In The Pumpkin Pictures

Here are a few adorable baby pumpkin photos that will inspire you to click some lovely pictures of your little munchkin.

1. Add a knitted pumpkin beanie

Adding a matching pumpkin beanie is cool for enhancing the aesthetic of the photo. Who can resist such a cute pumpkin baby?

2. Set up an autumn harvest background

An autumn harvest background is perfect to give some seasonal vibes. Place a huge basket as a backdrop and put some autumn leaves, fresh fruits, and pumpkin around. Make your baby stand in a carved-out pumpkin.

3. Dress the baby in a costume

Celebrate your baby’s first Halloween by dressing them in a costume and placing them in pumpkin. Since the body will be covered by the pumpkin, accessorizing the upper body will do the trick. You could use a witch’s hat for instance. You can jazz up the picture by decorating the background using Halloween props.

4. Make a place for the feet

The secret of a good baby photograph is to make the child feel comfortable. Cutting holes into the pumpkin for your little one’s feet will give them more space. Putting the child’s feet into the holes might need some manoeuvring, so take help from family or friends.

5. Place a blanket

Lining the pumpkin with a blanket can help your new-born remain in an upright position for pictures. Your new-born’s sensitive skin will be protected, and you may also get a sweet and cozy photograph of your little one.

6. Use the fireplace as the background

If the weather is a bit chilly, clicking in front of a fireplace can keep your little one warm and comfortable. The golden glow of the fire will add to the beauty of the photograph.

7. Dress them in a pumpkin costume

It is not mandatory to choose a real pumpkin for the picture. If you or your baby are not comfortable with the idea, buy a cute pumpkin costume instead.

8. Give the full view

If your baby was born near Halloween, this photo can be a perfect introduction to the world. Cut out a huge oval patch on the side of the pumpkin, clean it, line it up with a soft cloth, and place your little one inside. It will give an effect of the baby still in the womb.

9. Set it up outdoors

Take advantage of the beautiful autumn season and click the picture in a forest. Place your child in the pumpkin on a blanket and add a few smaller pumpkins to create a beautiful setting. The vibrant colors of the leaves in the background will add to the beauty of the photograph.

10. Carve the perfect Halloween pumpkin

A Halloween baby picture would be incomplete without a pumpkin with a scary face. Cute Halloween pumpkin caps and mittens fit perfectly into the theme.

11. Place them on a stack of pumpkins

Stack multiple large pumpkins to create a big pumpkin patch. Place your baby on the top of it and take a shot from the top. The visual effect of a tiny baby in a sea of large, orange pumpkins make for a stunning photograph.

12. Fit the baby at the top

Instead of going for the common poses of babies standing inside a large pumpkin, try this unique pose. Just carve off a small part of the top, enough for the little one’s butt to fit in and let your child sit on the pumpkin instead of inside.

13. Use an accessory

Using the right hair accessories can up the cuteness quotient of any photograph. The adorable pumpkin hair clip fits in well with the theme and emphasizes on the innocence of the child.

14. Use a toy pumpkin

If you want to avoid using a real pumpkin, another trick is to buy a toy pumpkin for the occasion. Choose a good-quality toy pumpkin large enough to fit your little one inside. You may have to line it up with a soft blanket to make your child feel comfortable and cozy inside.

15. Choose an over-sized pumpkin

Placing your child in an oversized pumpkin with just their head peeking out will make for an adorable picture. Your little one would also have more leg space and feel comfortable.

16. Click in the woods

The wooden background and a few fruits will give a beautiful rustic look to your little one’s picture.

17. Include the elder sibling

If you have an older child, including them in the photograph will make a memorable Halloween portrait of both your children. Dress them up in costumes and do the shoot outdoors. Your children will have fun, and you will capture some amazing moments.

18. Use multiple pumpkins

Using multiple pumpkins instead of just one central one will give the effect of being in a field of pumpkins. Place your child in the biggest pumpkin at the centre and surround them with multiple pumpkins of different sizes and shapes. The various shades of orange color would create a vibrant setting.

19. Experiment with different carvings

While the scary-faced pumpkin is the most common idea, you can experiment with different types of carvings. The zigzag pattern in this photo looks unique and cool. You can even carve the name or age of the baby on the pumpkin.

20. Add a message

Make the photograph a lot more interesting by adding simple messages. You can use a quirky caption such as “Trick or treat, smell my feet” or send out season’s greetings.

21. Click them sleeping on a pumpkin

A close-up of your little one sleeping on the pumpkin captures their innocence beautifully. However, ensure your baby is fully clothed and has proper support to avoid any injuries or accidents.

22. Use autumn leaves

While setting up the entire autumn harvest backdrop looks incredible, you can give the seasonal vibe by just using the beautiful autumn leaves as well. Place the pumpkin with your baby on the blanket of the bright leaves.

23. Match the costume with the pumpkin

Match the color of the baby’s clothes to the pumpkin color and create a unique look of a baby in a pumpkin costume.

24. Make it look like they are hatching out from the pumpkin

If your baby was born in the fall, this is perfect for the birth announcement. Position the baby in a way that it seems like the pumpkin just hatched and brought out the child.

25. Let them play around

Give your child a carved pumpkin and a spatula and let them play with it. You might end up getting some beautiful candid shots.

Using a few of these ideas might help you click some wonderful pictures. Photographing babies is tough, so avoid perfection. You might only get a few minutes before the child starts moving, so keep the camera ready and get clicking. Have fun and treasure wonderful memories of this photoshoot.

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