Speech Videos for Toddlers and Babies

Our Speech Videos for Toddlers and Babies, “Talking Time” encourage speech and show early intervention activities. All babies and toddlers benefit from singing songs and nursery rhymes, rich pretend play, modeling language and interactions and floor time. It also lists some baby and toddler milestones to look for, such as gestures like point and waving, labeling and pointing to parts of body, imitating adults and pretend play. It’s helpful to get down on the floor with your child at their level. If you have a very young baby, they can lay on their back and you can do the songs for them above them (don’t forget daily “tummy time” which is very important!)

If your child has a speech delay, consult your pediatrician and a speech therapist. This video includes tips from Chatterbox NYC speech therapists. Rachel, who is in the video, is not a speech therapist. She is a teacher. This video is for toddlers, babies and has information for parents and caregivers. It focuses on speech and language development. Gestures and imitation are important in the development of speech and language. Pretend play and taking turns are also important. This speech video also uses simple songs to help practice gestures and imitation. We also put kids songs in to give children a break and some fun time and movement so that they enjoy the videos. (Songs are also wonderful to practice language, imitation and gestures!) In our educational videos for toddlers, gestures, speech, and creative play are practiced. You can find Chatterbox at They are brilliant speech language pathologists (SLPS) that offer virtual sessions.

Other tips you may find helpful:

Hold a toy that turns on, pops up, lights up etc away from the child. Say, “Ready, set…” and then if they make any sound, make the toy work. Then say, “YAY! You said “GO” If they cannot make any sounds, make the toy work when they look at you. This teaches them the power of their voice and communication. Don’t say, “No, say, Go” if they say “eh” or “ah” You want them to know that using their voice helps them get things! Any sound is celebrated!

If your child is late on the milestone of pointing, you can help shape their hand into a point and have them point at something they want. Then give them the item the want.

To teach the sign for more, you can give the child a little of their favorite food. Then say, “Do you want MORE?” and do the sign for more. Help them (hand over hand) do the sign for more. Then give them a little more of the food. Repeat many times.

You can put a toy in a clear container with a cover so they have to ask for help getting it.

You can put toys on tall shelves so they need to point and ask for the toy.

You can sing songs with gestures and dance moves and encourage them to imitate.

You can practice taking turns by doing things like stacking blocks and saying “YOUR TURN” then saying “MY TURN” and putting on a block

You can slow down and simplify your words. Talk louder.

You can also practice hand over hand with the gestures like doing the gestures of the wheels on the bus.

If they say “BALL” you can add on and say “BLUE BALL!”

Narrate things you do and what they are doing during the day like a newscaster “Putting in! Putting toys in bucket. Put in. Put in.”

If they won’t watch the video, you can try putting it on when they are eating and they are in a high chair (only if they are happy doing that)

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Rachel teaches preschool music to young kids, toddlers, and babies and has a master’s in music education from NYU. She has also been a toddler teacher and has a sweet 2-year-old boy who inspired her online baby music classes and learning videos!

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