Make An Ugly Sweater Christmas Ornament Craft {Giggle}

ugly christmas sweater ornaments

Kids of all ages will love competing to see who can create the ugliest Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament! Perfect for holiday parties, school, or home, this simple craft requires any craft supply you have laying around the house and is great fun for the holiday season.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament Craft - shown is a finished ugly Christmas sweater ornament with Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and puff balls all over white sweater ornament created by Kids Activities Blog

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament

Host an Ugly Sweater Ornaments competition part of your cookie exchange party or Christmas party this year!

Make it an ugly ornaments family contest—who can create the ugliest ornaments?

Even better, suggest that your family and guests to wear their favorite ugly sweaters to your crafting party, for inspiration!

You can even turn it into a fun DIY way to label your gifts this year, if your kids make a bunch of them because they make great ugly Christmas sweater gift tags.

Use ribbon scraps, leftover beads, paperclips, glitter…anything!

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament Craft supplies needed - craft foam sheets, permanent markers, scissors, glue dots sequins - Kids Activities BlogThis is what you will need to make an ugly Christmas sweater ornament of your own…

Supplies Needed

Instructions to Make Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament Craft

Step 1

After gathering supplies, draw the shape of a sweater onto craft foam (choose any color).

Alternatively, you could use a piece of paper – like scrapbook or construction paper, but I find that the craft foam holds up better over the years.

Step 2

The next step is to invite children or party guests to cut out the sweater. Create many of these so children can make all sorts of ugly Christmas sweaters!

Tip: Depending on the age and number of children, you might even want to prep this ahead of time, so that the kids can start decorating, right away.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament Craft

Step 3

Use sequins, craft foam, paper, beads, markers, ribbon, or anything else you can find around your house, to decorate the sweaters.

Some ideas include reindeer, candy canes, strings of ornaments, Christmas trees, presents, and Santa’s.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament Craft

Step 4

Secure ribbon to the back of the ornament and share with a friend! This is a great way to share the spirit of Christmas with those you love in a playful way.

These unique and funny Christmas ornament ideas make a great gift or can be attached to a gift as a gift tag that doubles as a Christmas tree decoration. Don’t overlook these funny ornaments for your next silly gift exchange.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament Craft

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How did you decorate your ugly Christmas sweater ornament?

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